Pureology Root Lift Spray Mousse

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Pureology Root Lift Spray Mousse is for when you a real lift that protects your colour-treated hair.


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Feb 1, 2011
5 Star Rating
Finally......my Hair Has Body!
I have HUGE problems styling my fine hair. This product gives my hair both lift and style staying power. After spraying this product on my roots I simply blow dry....great results.
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Mar 29, 2010
5 Star Rating
An Excellent Product
My hair is probably medium in thickness, and I do color it myself, and this product works great for me. My hair has good amount of natural body and is straight for the most part and, depending on the cut I get, I can use this product to scrunch up and curl the ends or just add more overall body to the root area. This product leaves no residue on my hair and it does not negatively interact with the color treatments. One of my girlfriends has very thin hair and she also has great results with it. Finally, because the Pureology line comes from a scientist who was previously with Aveda, I know I can trust it. I recommend this product to anyone.
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Washington DC
Feb 7, 2010
3 Star Rating
Good As Can Be Expected
This probably works great if you have a NORMAL amount of hair. It used to for me, when I had a normal amount of hair. I wouldn't know anymore, since I lost 2/3 (yes, TWO-THIRDS) of mine. I still have to spend hours pulling little strands to each side, over my part, to hide my scalp. I'd be mmm-kay with it if I WAS A GUY but I'm not. I have nothing more than hope that some cosmetic product will help me, since doctors can't. No, I don't want to hear about your omega-3 cure or your accupuncture, because I *have* tried everything over and over and over.
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Newark, Delaware
Jan 23, 2009
5 Star Rating
Great For Fine Hair !!!
I had really long hair,just got it all cut in a short layered sassy style , it comes to the top of my shouldersand the top is suppose to have a lot of body if your hairhas body, mine does not, after leaving the salon that was itfor me after I washed my hair,The hairstyle was gone, products I had did not work, I then tried this root lift spray mousse !!Wow, it really works !! and it is very lightnot heavy, it would not work for me if it was because my hair is so fine, This product is the best I have ever usedto get the body.My new hairstyle is back! Thank you Pureology!
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Burlington, Vermont
Apr 7, 2007
5 Star Rating
Great, Especially For Fine Hair -- Colored Or Not.
I have lots of medium-length, fine, salt & pepper gary hair. It is not color treated, but my hair dresser recommended this to add soft volume because I dont care for hair spray. It works wonderfully to add soft volume and styling control and helps with frizz in humid weather.I prefer the smaller 2 ounce size so I can keep it in my gym and travel cases.
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