Hot Tools Pink Titanium 100% Boar 1 3/4" Round Brush

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Hot Tools Pink Titanium 100% Boar 1 3/4" Round Brush has a ceramic barrel with 100% boar bristles.


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Slc P.
Washington, Dc
Sep 27, 2012
5 Star Rating
Makes A Difference!
I didn't know if a 100% boar bristle brush would really make a difference, but I did my blowout with a boar/nylon combo brush on one side of my head and this 100% boar brush on the other. Sure enough, the 100% side was softer, smoother, and shinier, while the other side had more flyaways and frizz. I'm hooked now and will only use this one. (I have long, fine, wavy hair.)
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Ashley D.
May 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Brush I've Used!
I have frizzy kinky hair, and usually when I blow dry it I have some serious wild hair. But finally I found a brush that can actually blow dry hair straight! Now only that but my hair doesn't snag on the brush which means I don't lose as much hair into the brush like I did in my other brush. After using this brush I actually threw away all my other brushes.. You can't go wrong if you buy this item! AMAZING!
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Darlene B.
Simi Valley CA
May 1, 2012
5 Star Rating
Fast & Easy Drying
I love this brush. I have middle length, bleached straight hair. The air goes through the brush fast without the tangles and gives my hair a good lift. My hair swings and shines in just a few minutes.
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Orange County, CA
Jan 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Authentic, 100% Boar Bristles, Great Price
Perfect size, gives great shine, all boar bristles (careful, alot of those value brushes claiming to be boar bristles have other synthetic bristles mixed in), at a great price (I purchased it on sale). Also wanted to say this was my first time buying on Folica and it was an excellent experience, email confirmations, super fast delivery. Will definitely shop again.
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