Denman Hyflex Vent Brush

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Denman Hyflex Vent Brush is soft, flexible and heat-resistant for gentle styling.


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Mary C.
Dec 29, 2015
5 Star Rating
High Quality Brush
I've now completely swapped out all my brushes for Denman brushes. I love the quality -- like how the bristles are flexible but don't bend out of shape after a bit of use. This brush is great for blow-drying, especially since this is when my hair would typically build up static electricity, but for whatever reason, all of my Denman brushes seem to prevent this. I love, love, love it!
Judy I.
United States
Jun 18, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Best Brush For Drying Hair
I love this brush for drying my hair. Every part of this brush is smooth and seamless so your hair doesn't get caught or pulled. This is my second brush (replacement). I gave my first one to my son. Thank you Folica for wonderful quick service.
Nov 18, 2013
3 Star Rating
Not A Fan
Possibly I just have the wrong kind of hair to find this brush pleasant to use or useful (mine is ultra-fine, though I have a lot of it). The brush is kind of small and very light—lighter than, apparently, I like my brushes to be. The widely-spaced bristles limit its effectiveness for my hair type, and kind of hurt my scalp a little.
Jan 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
The "real Deal"
I used this wonderful brush every day for 11 years after purchasing it from my salon.
When I lost it during holiday travels I was lost without it -despite owning several other better than average brushes. This is a gem of a brush and a great scalp massager, too. (If the bristles seem a bit too rigid at first - just press/push them around with your hand a bit and they'll loosen up and be perfect.) *If you have a baby tender scalp then this brush may not be the best for you.
Nov 13, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great For Thinning Hair!
This brush is perfect for brushing hair while wet because it has wide spaces between the bristles, therefore it doesn't snag, pull, or break off any hair!
If your hair is prone to falling out and you're afraid of brushing it for that reason, this brush is going to be your best friend!
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Lucia C.
United States
May 7, 2012
5 Star Rating
One Is Not Enough!
I have the brush about 9 months now. It's FABULOUS! I brush all our girls hair with it ranging from 1yr. old to my oldest daughter 25yrs and my own. And 3 others in between its great for all hair types. Very long hair, thick hair, thin hair, wavy hair, dark hair light hair the brush continues to do it's job. I was not sure about the price at first but the brush is worth its price and probably under priced. I will be ordering more for future uses just in case we lose one we have other brushes to fall on. And because I want to have my own brush. I will never buy at a retail store again. Better than salon quality in my opinion. Great product.
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Mar 31, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Little Brush
I'm only buying DENMAN brushes from now on. This is my second one and I love them both. Who knew brushes could make such a difference :)
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Nov 30, 2011
5 Star Rating
My New Favorite Everyday Brush!
This is my new favorite everyday brush. Light and compact, yet tough and sturdy. It brushes smoothly through my hair and leaves it very soft. Excellent value too.
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Lucia C.
Lancaster, CA.
Aug 25, 2011
4 Star Rating
Very Happy But Still Not Sure If Its A One Piece
It appears to be a one piece brush in some spots then in others the bristles seem to be put into to brush. The brush over all is sturdy. A bit on the small in size but it does the job. I worry that it may break but so far so good. If they can make a bigger thicker version for thick long hair that would be great. Definately better than any brush you'll find at retail stores. Loving it. Finally got a brush that will not break after a week. Thanks a bunch well worth it.
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Apr 14, 2011
5 Star Rating
Amazing Little Vent Brush!
I purchased one of these, years ago, and could not remember where. Search the web for suppliers, and found this terrific company "" ... and sure enough they carry my favorite DENMAN products!

This particular Hyflex Vent Brush, must be tried to be believed (by Denman). It massages your scalp and glides through your hair with no hint of breakage. (wet or dry). It's the perfect size for home/salon/office/handbag ....usages, It works equally well on long or short hair! It lifts and fluffs and adds volume, as well as quickly moving through your hair to check on progress, during styling.

This little tool is so unique would be FOOLISH to substitute "vent brushes that look like this one, but DO NOT COMPARE to it, in service value.

I love it so much, I came back to and purchased multiples to have handy for travel, office, vehicle, home, HANDBAG, etc ....and have given as gifts !! I would never want to be without this terrific hair tool.

I've received great service from and would never hesitate to return here.
Best wishes, Gail
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