Denman Grooming Brush with Natural Bristles & Nylon Pins

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The oval shaped DENMAN Grooming Brush features a single nylon quill surrounded by tufts of natural boar bristle, perfect for smoothing.


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USA And Canada
Dec 22, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Travel Brush
I bought the travel brush based on reviews posted here. I have a lot of thick straight hair and need a firm brush with boar bristles to maintain a healthy scalp and keep my hair tamed. LOVE this brush. As a prior reviewer stated, my scalp is invigorated and brushing my hair is once again enjoyable. I'm tossing all my other boar bristle brushes. This one goes with me when I start traveling for work! Despite the diminutive size, this brush does a thorough job. For those who are squeamish about having their hair manipulated or scalp invigorated (my sister and mother scream when I style their hair) this brush is not for you. I don't have a heavy hand, but I like my brush to reach my scalp. FAST shipping wow. And this was on back-order (for a day). Great service! PS I use HennaKing henna on my hair and nothing transfers to the brush at all. The grays are actually tamed by the boar bristles distributing the oils to them.
May 4, 2014
5 Star Rating
Denman Is Worth Every Penny!
Im not writting-review kind of person. I guess I have written just one in my whole life (35 years) BUT I owe it to this there it is:

So that you know, my hair is long, thick but very fine and used to be wavy to curly and because of that, pretty dry. After kids it traightened completely. And I was left with thick, fine, straight hair with lots of frizz. Combing made it even frizzier. So I dont really use combs at all, just before washing it.
I like volume in my hair because I was used to it from my curly times. When my hairdresser blew it dry with a round brush, it looked fabulous for two hours and then turned completely flat, no volume at all. Frizz gone, yes, but volume too...
I had Olivia Garden tourmaline brush but again I was left with shiny, yes, but completely flat hair. The brush was surely good but not for my hairtype.
After reading reviews I decided for this denman brush with boar and nylon bristles. I read somwhere that people with my type of hair may use it for blowdrying or final styling.
I tried it and it is simply EXCELLENT! I have smooth hair, no frizz, volume is just perfect.
I have hair I have always wanted and its just because I bought this brush..cant believe it myself :) but its truth.
If you have fine hair, buy this one, it will change your hair world:)
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Erin I.
Feb 23, 2014
3 Star Rating
Not For Wimpy Scalps
Great brush for getting through the thicker tangles. It is definitely a scalp invigorator. A bit to sharp for me. Fabulous construction, a good brush for the right needs.
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Salt Lake
Feb 17, 2014
4 Star Rating
Pretty Great
I use this brush to distribute the oils in my hair before I take a shower and it has improved my shine a lot. It also gives a kind of tingly scalp massage. Very nice. I only wish I had got the large instead of the medium as the medium isn't very big.
Dorinda T.
United States
Feb 7, 2014
5 Star Rating
Love This Brush -- Best Made At A Terrific Price
I purchased medium sized brushes 10 years ago, and they have done what I wished and held up remarkably well. Just now thinking I might like a new one (but don't really NEED a new one). I have thick very long fine hair that tangles easily (I call it velcro hair). These brushes feel good and work well with my hair type. I can't use anything but bristle or my hair pulls out or breaks, and straight bristle will not work out the tangles. The nylon bristles with the boar work perfectly for me (and for two granddaughters with thick, long hair). By the way, these brushes work well with my two dogs also. One has a medium rough coat and one has a long silky coat. They brush out loose hair without hurting. The dogs both lean into me when I'm brushing them as it feels so good.
Shana B.
Dec 5, 2013
4 Star Rating
A Nice Brush For Thick Hair
This is a really nice brush for the price; I did notice a change for the better in the manageability and shine of my hair. Totally love this, hope it lasts.
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Sarah H.
Jul 24, 2013
4 Star Rating
Nice Brush
It's a nice brush but I wouldn't say its extraordinary.
The brush made my hair feel soft, which I loved but I felt that it made my hair look a tad static-y. The static was gone the next day so it was okay.
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Sunshine H.
Jul 15, 2013
5 Star Rating
More Then I Had Hoped For
I have long asian hair that is accompanied by an itchy(Very) scalp. Sometimes when i use oils and conditioners it looks a little oily. I wanted that 90$ boar bristle brush but after educating myself I decided to go with the one from your site that was only 15- they appear to be very similar in all ways. Not only did it seem well constructed and durable but the results were amazing! I have had it two weeks and it has changed all of my hair issues. No longer am i itchy or scratchy( barely!) and that is saying A Lot- but my hair is so shiny washing it once a week seems perfect. On the plus side my fiancé brushes my hair frequently now because the bristles are very gentle... quality time:) WORTH IT'S WIEGHT IN GOLD
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New Orleans
May 2, 2013
4 Star Rating
Great Results!
I have tried many brushes to blow dry my hair straight and many different kinds. This is the ONLY brush that I am able to blow dry it straight without flat ironing it. I highly recommend this brush!!! It's a little hard to get the hang of, your best method of handling the brush while blow drying, but when you do you will be pleased!!! I also bought the largest brush because my hair long and I have a lot of hair.
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Cynthia G.
Kissimmee, FL
Jan 5, 2013
5 Star Rating
Gentle Brishing
These brushes trear my hair gently. They easily brush through my long, fine hair, color treated hair without pulling. I didn't expect these brushes to be as good as they were.
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