Goody Scrunchie Ouchless Starry Nights Collection

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Goody Scrunchie Ouchless Starry Nights Collection offer a comfortable way to hold your back.


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Houston, TX
Dec 11, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love These Things!!
I like the softer texture of these scrunchies and usually use them to hold my bed time bun in place or to put my wet hair in a ponytail if I have to dash out before my hair dries. They are hard to find my area so I'm glad to find them here. I use them so often that the elastic started to give out so this is my second purchase in about a year. I also use them for my daughter's hair.
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Diane H.
Stamford Ct
Nov 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great For Nighttime!
My hair is long fine curly kinky texture, very fragile. I bought this product so I could use it to hold my hair up when I go to bed at night or when I exercise. Usually when I go to bed I either sleep with my hair down and wake up with it crazy in the morning or I put it up in a regular bun w/ a regular stretchy band. But when I take it out in the morning with a regular stretchy band it doesn't come out nice still has a kink from where the band was. I was also getting breakage. I also got my daughter would be able to do the same thing with these scrunchies- Her hair is thick long and curly and she spends lots of time to straighten it- this would be useful for both her straight hair or curly hair to wind up at night and take down in the morning prolonging the style. We both love these!! We both have found that when we use them at night and wrap our hair up then use the scruchy to hold it overnight and take it down in the morning our hair is absolutely perfect- For someone like me to have to do almost nothing in the morning to my hair ...that's pretty outstanding. The same thing goes for when I work out I use it to hold my hair up and I'm finding my hair to be holding much better during the work out- The sweat is not just staying around the base of my head and running through my hair - it seems to give my head some breathing room. When I first opened them up my daughter said where are we back in 1980? And I laughed saying no they r for at night- now she uses them every night. I use them at the gym during the day- but the dark ones and they don't look like a scrunchie :) I love them - totally worth the few dollars I paid!!
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Abbey F.
Midwest, USA
Aug 7, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Scrunchies!
What I like most about this set, besides the colors, is their silky fabric, which doesn't tangle or catch on my fine hair. Though these do still hold my hair securely. The gold one is especially cute, and I use the black one mostly for putting up my curly hair at night. The bands aren't too big or small, just the right size IMO. :)
2 out of 2 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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