France Luxe Heart on a Tige Boule

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France Luxe Heart on a Tige Boule beautifully made with a subtle naturalist quality. Small barrette for thin or small amounts of hair. Buy several to pair up or add a sprinkling of hearts into your updo. Makes a nice gift.


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Mar 17, 2011
4 Star Rating
Very Adorable!
This clip is so cute and delicate! I feel like it adds a flirty touch of innocence to any outfit. The only problem I have had is that it doesn't hold much hair so if you under-estimate how much hair to put in the clip, it will slip out.
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Mireille L.
Oct 12, 2010
3 Star Rating
As Sweet As A Baby (and Just As Small)
Measuring 1.25 inches at its widest point - and the same length -- this sweet little heart glows like a pearl. As a VIP Reviewer, I received the pink France Luxe Heart on a Tige Boule, a perfect choice for Valentine's Day, but I was rather disappointed with the clip's size. This heart would work particularly well on thin or fine hair, especially if you're just pulling back a strand at a time. This is also a terrific choice for little girls and pre-teens, as it won't disappear against their smaller faces. However, it looks out of place against medium-thick hair, and does not enhance or decorate a thicker hairstyle as much as it distracts, like a stray bit of fluff on a dark sweater. In a word, it's small.

On the other hand, the clasp holds perfectly; France Luxe clasps always seem to hold tightly, and this little heart is no exception, with an added edge of comb-like teeth against one side to catch and hold a strand of hair in place. The clasp is a bit off center, angled to rest slightly crookedly against your hair, which is unexpected but kinda cute. Quite sturdy and durable, whatever glue holds that clasp on the heart clip isn't going anywhere; the thick plastic resin is rather flexible as well, so it won't snap unless you're willing to bruise your fingers with the effort.

However, the end of the clasp extends beyond the post which locks it in place, and beyond the edge of the heart itself, by a full quarter-inch. So, for a finished look, you'll need to tuck the end of the clasp under a free strand of hair, and the only way to be sure the clasp tip stays covered is to place the clip on the right side of your head.

But is as cute as it looks in the picture? Oh yes, it certainly is, and I love the slightly stylized shape, as well as the pearly finish. But after trying it in my own hair, I decided it might be a better fit for my (equally cute) niece -- she's three years old -- and yes, she does look perfect in pink!
4 out of 4 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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