France Luxe 1/2" Lace Headband

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France Luxe 1/2" Lace Headband Ultracomfort Headband - Mantilla, is the perfect luxury solution to pull your hair back with style and ease. Made of cellulose acetate, this headband will custom form to fit your head. Extremely comfortable and bendable.


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Alexandra C.
Dec 22, 2012
4 Star Rating
Perfect If You Don't Mind Tight......
Lovely, understated but with a touch of class, however if you can't handle headbands because you tend to get headaches from them, then this isn't for you.... unless you are able to heat it and stretch it out a bit so it doesn't come in hard at the ends against your scalp. I've stretched mine out letting them sit on a ball, I didn't heat them but would like to as they are still very tight. If you wear glasses they are also a bit frustrating but manageable. I have pink and white and love the look, and when I straighten my hair its very fine and slippery, they hold it well.

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May 14, 2012
2 Star Rating
Might Be Good For A Young Girl
This is a gorgeous headband and I loved the turquoise color but....
After 2 hours on my head it totally lost it's shape and couldn't hold back my hair. I'm not sure if it was my body temp or too much hair but it just didn't hold up. I need to warm it up to reshape it if possible. I had high hopes for this band and considering the cost thought it would be an exceptional piece.
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Diana C.
Lanesboro, MN
Apr 2, 2011
5 Star Rating
Pretty Everyday Band
I bought this is both the pink and the blue. It is a thin, but strong band with little gripping teeth on both sides, about 1/3 the length, which help hold it in place. I have a lot of very fine, silky hair and I have a tough time finding bands that stay in place. This one does much better than most.
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