Solia Merry and Bright Flat Iron Set

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Solia Bright and Merry Flat Iron Set includes the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion flat iron with 1 1/4 inch plates in fashionable hot pink. The set also includes a travel tote, sectioning clips, wide tooth detangling comb, heat mat and a ball of hair elastics.


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Chelsea Z.
United States
Aug 4, 2014
1 Star Rating
Loved It....until It Burnt My Hair Up!
I had this straightener for over two years and it was wonderful! However, this weekend it overheated and burnt my hair....enough that I will have to have a good portion cut off. It was working normally, and then about half way through I noticed my hair smoking. The heat settings were where I normally have them - between 370 and 450. I found a few similar reviews on Amazon, so I will definitely not be buying another Solia.
Aug 1, 2014
5 Star Rating
L O V E It !
I mean it has the 2 year warranty what else can you ask for? The Heat/Matt Pouch is really nothing special. But it helps when I'm setting it down. I wish it had came with cleaning wipes. Because with the pouch it says in the manual to clean with it but the felt gets on the plates. By the way, I have THICK really THICK medium length hair I was born with it super thin, fine and straight and then it got really THICK and now its wavy only at the ends which could be a problem. Because at the ends of every layer it waves in or out. Not just in one place. And not all my hair is like that which makes it really just unpleasant to see. But my hair is REALLY shiny and I've never chemically done anything to my hair or put any harsh heat in it without a heat protectant. I started using my revlon curler as a flat iron and it worked horribly. It left the frizz in my hair and didn't like it one bit! But with this flat iron IT'S AMAZING! THE STUFF WORKS!
It Works for ANY hair types if you ask me! THIS IS WORTH THE MONEY! If it wasn't for the promo code I would've totally bought it for $90! It's totally worth it. I have the hot pink one. I wish the colors when more brighter. It's dull. but it's a really pretty color. And I wish it had a clip to close the flat iron instead of just having it open. I've gone through the CHI (HORRIBLE!) the Chi can never compete with this. Solia is ONE HUNDRED TIMES BETTER! The one heat setting was horrible too. Because I had a 420 degrees Chi and since you can't change the heat setting sometimes I wanted it not so harsh on my hair so I had to turn it on and then turn it off and use it turned off. And when it got cold I had to turn it on and do the same process over again. I had the ION Gator Ceramic Flat Iron from Sally's Beauty. It worked horrible on my hair! Yes it left it shiny. But it only lasted about 30 minutes & I need an iron that would last like a day at least! My first 2 irons were horrible (Chi and ION) and I was gonna give up on cheap irons and buy one for $300 or the Babyliss Pro Nano (Which was on my wishlist.. But it was out of my budget range right now) I was just gonna give up on them until next year. And then this came along! It changed my life. It leaves no frizz, smooth, silky. It is recommended if you get the got2b heat protectant with it. Has an amazing scent, leaves it smooth and silky. But first it has a sticky texture to it. But it wares off WONDERFUL! I also think orders overseas for some reason got the got2b protectant it leaves a white texture or something behind. But for me it doesnt. I think it's because of ground shipping it's better or something? Just a word of advice!

Aug 1, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever!
I just got my flat iron today. It arrived in the mail I ordered it on Saturday and since Folica Warehouse isnt open on Saturdays nor Sundays they barely sent the package on Monday. Which I was disappointed about because I thought it was gonna come after school starts. But, when I got it today i was so excited! It's been 4 days. Since the shipping is free, I'll say it came fast. No one really orders stuff over here in Tennessee so I'm "Special" when i ordered it I wasn't too excited. Because of the price I had gotten it for, at first the promo code only put it down 25% so I ordered it on a Friday. Then, on Saturday I find out there's another promo code for 30% which is way better! So I saw how cheap only the flat iron was which was $62! I had extra money I wanted to spend so I navigated the website. I couldn't choose between the folica claw clips or the got2b heat protectant. In the end i decided to get the got2b heat protectant. I cancelled my 25% off order by the way. Today when it arrived I was excited. I've gone through a lot of flat irons! And I love how I ran across this site. I was on amazon looking for a flat iron and this showed up $85 in one of the amazon customer reviews they said "I should've gotten it on they had a promo code." so then i searched up this site! And I just love it! They gave me a Bamboo Style cream and it's good too, it was free. I didn't know it came with my package if it wasn't for my brother that told me. The got2b and this flat iron work great together! Leaving my hair smooth and silky and SUPER straight. The only problem I have with this flat iron is that my hair is sooo thick and I can't curl it with this flat iron even in the smallest sections. But that's okay. Because I love it in general! I have a revlon curler. My friend has a flat iron that was $200! And I used it on my hair and that's when I started wanting a flat iron. But I thought that was too high of a price. But it did leave my hair shiny, smooth, super straight and it lasted up to 3 days on my hair! But then, I started watching reviews after seeing this flat iron on Amazon. And it worked amazing! Even on a girl who had thick kinky curly hair! So I was like what the heck?
Joni T.
Las Vegas, NV
Jul 24, 2014
1 Star Rating
Malfunctioned At 2 Yrs.
I really loved the results of this iron until today. I usually keep the temperature on 375 & use it for about 5 minutes in the morning, before work. This morning, I started smelling burning hair while straightening my bangs, so I sat the iron down on my heat mat & examined my burned bangs. I picked the iron up to try to figure out why it just burned my hair & the iron literally melted to pieces! The plastic & the ceramic plates were melting & dripping into my sink. My bangs are ruined & of course I'm 4 months outside of my 2 year warranty. I will never buy this brand again.
Chelsea C.
United States
Jul 23, 2014
4 Star Rating
Color Of The Iron Makes A Huge Difference
My sister and I both have this flat iron, and we've had it about 4 years. They're both still going strong! I have the pink and my sister has the standard black color. However, they are almost 2 completely different flat irons. My sister's (the black) doesn't pull your hair as you're using it, and my hair is much silkier after using hers compared to mine. The pink one doesn't smooth my hair as much, and my hair is nowhere near as silky after using it. However, she uses a flat iron to curl her hair, and she claims that the black doesn't work as well as my pink one. I would have given this iron 5 stars otherwise.
Jul 22, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Product
Heats up quickly, does everything the product description says it will do, all-around great flat iron! Heat-proof case a nice bonus!
Maureen H.
Jul 6, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Best
I purchased my Solia about ten years ago and it is still working as if it were new. During that time, I purchased several other brands to try out, but always went back to my Solia. It is the best! Ditched the others.
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Jasmine T.
Honolulu, HI
Jun 18, 2014
1 Star Rating
So disappointed after my first two uses and considering this is highly recommended/pushed by Folica. Takes numerous strokes to get your hair straight and it doesn't come off smooth. My friend used it, same results. I should have just purchased a more expensive flat iron from the start, then to try and save a few dollars going cheap. I would not recommend. Had a Sedu for 8 years which was fantastic. Will be buying something else, can't bear to keep using it.
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Jun 16, 2014
3 Star Rating
Works For A While
The straightener works great! It gets super hot and my hair stays straight forever, and I have naturally curly hair. This is my second one though. The cord on my first one got loose and eventually stopped working. Now this one, which Ive had for about a year now, is doing the same thing. I have to hold it a certain way for it to stay on..
Jessica V.
May 31, 2014
3 Star Rating
I have to say for the price its not THAT bad however I do have many disappointments. I have really thick poofy hair, not curly just super thick and poofy which means I actually like the flat straight look from time to time. Solia is my first flat iron that I have purchased off this site and I kind of wish I had of went with something a little more better. Solia will straighten sure but it doesn't last.. and for me I need all day straight not just a 45 minute straight lol. For instance, I'll straighten it in layers carefully, going over strands of hair multiple times and when its finished its flawless.. then when I sit around before going out my hair starts to get wavy.. its so damn annoying! I literally need to re-straighten it before I go out just to make sure it stays straight for a little longer.. the only time Solia works for me is when its cold outside. All in all if you're looking for a straightener and you have super thick hair like me, don't buy this!!! Go for something better ;)
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