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The Solia Bonus Flat Iron set includes the highly rated Solia Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron with 1 1/4 inch plates plus Sedu Anti Frizz Polishing Treatment with Moroccan Argan Oil for incredibly smooth and shiny results. The set also includes Folica crane clips to make styling easier and a heat resistant mat.


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Michele C.
New Jersey
This week
5 Star Rating
Love My Solia!
I was heartbroken when I had to finally say goodbye to my trusty Sedu flat iron I had had since 2007 (7 years!). I immediately jumped on Folica to figure out a replacement, and found the Solia. Well, I am THRILLED with this flat iron! Of course I had to get it in purple (my fav color), but I am very impressed with its heat-up time, it is very smooth and gentle on my hair and the automatically adjusting plates really do make for great contact with all of my hair. Definitely 2 thumbs up here and I highly recommend it!
Chicago, IL
Last week
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron There Is!
This is actually the second time I've purchased this exact flat iron. My first one just died after SEVEN years. It felt like a family member had died. Luckily, Folica was still offering the exact same flat iron for the best price I could find. I knew I wanted another Solia since the first one worked so well and lasted so long. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the market for a new one.
Previous O.
Last week
1 Star Rating
I bought 3 of these from this site because there was such a great deal on them. At first they seemed great but I noticed I get really bad headaches and bad fatigue when I use them. Then red paint started getting everywhere and even on my hands. I felt this stuff was toxic so I switched to the black one but the headaches and sleepy, fatigued feelings continued. It was months before I realized the sticker said they came from Korea. I'm concerned there is lead or some other substance coming from the brightly painted ceramic heating plates or the plastic. I'm thinking this should be tested just in case since girls of all ages are using these products. I'm shopping for a replacement and I don't think I'm buying anymore Solia products again.
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Leny L.
United States
Apr 8, 2014
5 Star Rating
In Love With This Flat Iron!! Amazing.
I recently move to a different state, and I left behind my hair stylist, whom use to do my hair every two weeks. I tried a new hair stylist at my new state and I disliked the way she did my hair, she did it with no care at all and it came out horrible. So I decided I was going to attempt to do my own hair. I am very skeptical about heat damage and products damaging my hair but I gave this Solia flat iron a try. Mind you this was my first time ever doing my own hair. I washed it, blow dry and part my hair into sections and don't forget heat protectant. As flat ironed my hair, the solia never snagged my hair, never pulled my hair it just went straight through very smoothly. When I was done my husband asked me if I just came from the hair salon because it actually looked like I just did my hair from the hair salon. Honestly I think I did it better job than the hair stylist. My hair look bouncy and healthy. As long as I live in this state I will continue to do my own hair with my Solia flat iron. :)
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Apr 8, 2014
3 Star Rating
It Was Nice, While It Lasted...
I purchased the Solia flat iron and started using it on March 25th....yesterday, April stopped working. Thankfully I had a 2 year warranty on it, but that even a week of use? It just shut off while I was using it, (no timed shutoff option btw) I wiggled it around the cord area and then the light would pop back on. I then tied a hairband around the cord to get it to stay on and realized it obviously had a short in it.

I called customer service, who were very helpful and sent me a label via email to return it and have it replaced right away, so that went pretty well. Unfortunately, even though the straightener worked great and left my hair super soft after use, only a weeks worth of use would have caused me to reconsider purchasing this iron. I suppose I am getting a new one once they receive my defective one, so hopefully that one will last longer.
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Apr 7, 2014
5 Star Rating
Very Soft Hair !
after my faithful auto digital CHI flat iron stopped working after 10 years of use, i had to buy another flat iron but this time my budget didn't allow me to spend $100 so i went for my search of finding a professional quality flat iron at a lower price. This one is the one with best reviews and under $100 so i gave a try, and i can say i don't regret. this flat iron leaves my hair softer than my old CHI (my CHI was excellent). i love how soft and straigh my hair looks, i'm very satisfied.
Apr 6, 2014
2 Star Rating
I did a lot of research on finding a good straightener after my chi fizzled out. Everyone said their solia was perfect and lasted for 8 or more years. I loved mine because it didn't seem to fry my hair. Did it last 8 years? No. Did it even last five years? Nope. Lasted just out of the warranty. 2 years and a couple months. Figures. Guess that's why the warranty is only two years because mine didn't last much longer than that and now the warranty doesn't cover it. Guess I'm back to square one again. I thought my chi didn't last long, but it lasted twice as long as this one. Waste of $80 dollars..
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Angela W.
Apr 4, 2014
5 Star Rating
This Stuff Is Amazing!
All I can say is WOW. I tried it out on my daughter who has natural light blonde hair that is kind of wavy and tends to be a bit frizzy. Also, like most blondes she does not have much shine to her hair. I put this on her and was expecting the same results as every other oil/heat protector we've tried. Then we curled her hair and I was amazed at how bouncy and shiny her curls were. She looked just like one of those hair models on TV with the perfect hair. Love this stuff!
Springfield, MO
Apr 3, 2014
2 Star Rating
It's Just Ok
I would not buy this again. Do your hair a favor and get 100% Organic Argan Oil. This has a bunch of other crap in it. This is an "anti-frizz polishing treatment with pure argan oil." I should have been more careful and read the fine print.
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Apr 1, 2014
2 Star Rating
Melting Straightener
I have had this straightener for about a year and a half. The straightener has done a great job especially since I use it everyday. However, I recently left the straightener on the heat protect pad and got caught up for 10 min. I came back. One of the plates had melted off. The temperature dial was completely melted off. The sticky mess had burnt through the heat protect pad and burnt the top of my vanity. I noticed an odd, burning type smell coming from my straightener the day before, but not enough to worry me. I am very skeptical of buying this straightener again!
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