Sedu Revolution Diamond Styling Iron 1"

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The Sedu Revolution Diamond Styling Iron is the ultimate universal voltage styling iron with Diamond technology for plate durability and longevity


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Jan 27, 2015
3 Star Rating
Leaves Hair Smooth And Glossy
Yes, this tourmaline flat iron does leave my baby-fine hair very smooth, glossy and not dried out on the ends; however, it has some glitches. It is temperamental when turned on - sometimes just does not want to be "on". Perhaps something was compromised when this was designed - seems to be the innards - but the tourmaline does work well on my hair and works at the 280 setting. I also like the lighter weight. Now, I hope i am wrong about its seeming to be not sturdy enough to really last as long as I think it should because I could get really attached to this flat iron!
Jan 4, 2015
3 Star Rating
Have Owned All 3 Generations Of Sedu Hair Straighteners
I'm 22 years old, and have been order hair straighteners from since middle school. I've had them all. From solia to sedu to chi to babyliss. Needless to say, I know my stuff.

First off, the brand Sedu makes the best hot tools around. No brand compares when viewing from all aspects. This hair straightener is good, but nothing exceptional. Your hair will look nice, but for the price of your hairs health. There are only 6 heat settings on the straightener- 450, 400, 340, 280, 230, 180. That is the main problem right there. Realistically, 340 is to low of a heat setting to obtain manageable hair, and 400 is slightly to hott to use daily, without burning your hair no matter what thickness. If you do not use a hair straightener daily, maybe this will workout fine for you; but if you do, I would recommend the Sedu 1st generation.

My previous straightener to this was the Sedu Revolution (2nd Gen.) It worked good, and didn't start to act up until a little over 2 years. Most hair straighteners dont last for even a full 2 years, so I was happy with my purchase. The difference was, my sedu 1st generation gave my hair this amazing shine and feel, that the revolution never once achieved.

Ultimately, after using my sedu diamond edition straightener for a month now, my decision is to return/exchange this straightener for the 1st generation sedu.
Dec 25, 2014
3 Star Rating
Pros & Cons
I like this iron but don't find it much different from the original sedu revolution. It has the different temperature settings but only 6 to chose and they do not have the number I like to use. I am not sure weather I like this tourmaline or titanium more for my hair.
Nov 24, 2014
4 Star Rating
So Far So Good!
This was my first flat iron and I'm really liking it. I have a lot of gray hair underneath my color, so my hair was wirey and looked dry on the ends. It's important to have the variable heat settings. I've been using a thermal protector and serum on it before using the flat iron and my hair looks great now! It's nice and shiny, and several people have commented on how good my hair looks! I really like this iron, and I'm also thinking of getting the Sedu with the bigger plates as my hair grows longer.
Veronika Z.
Oct 16, 2014
2 Star Rating
Feels Like It Fries My Hair
I have coarse naturally curly, light ash brown hair, and using this(even on the lower settings, 350 for example), and it leaves my hair smelling burnt as well (in response to poster 'Hana'). I don't flat iron my hair often, so for the longest time I thought i just was not using good enough of protectants, or that my hair was just damaged...but I just went to the salon and my hair dresser said my hair was in good shape, and when she flat ironed it, my hair felt glossy and full of life, where as with this Sedu Diamond Revolution Flat Iron, my hair feels and smells crispy. Pin straight, but unsealed ends that are stiff/stick out, you know the look.
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Oct 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
Love This Flat Iron! Does What It Claims!
I had already owned the Sedu Revolution with the 1.5 inch plate and loved it. The only reason I bought this one was because I wanted a smaller width to do curls. This one was the newest edition plus only $20 more than the regular revolution one of the same width.

I'm so glad I did!! I didn't expect a big difference other than the size of the curl but there is a very noticeable difference. It actually does give your hair more shine and seems to seal in moisture. Two huge differences are: 1) It glides much much smoother than my Sedu Revolution when making curls. Not that my old Revolution snagged my hair or anything , it's just that it didn't glide nearly as smoothly as this one; and 2) I was able to use a higher heat setting (400) without the burnt smell and the curls are still shiny. I imagine because of the "diamond technology". That absolutely amazed me. Using that temp on my last one often resulted in a slight burnt smell.

It is just an all around better working flat iron. I super-pleased with my purchase.
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Visalia, CA
Oct 14, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Styler!
I have been a Sedu user since 2007. I started out with the regular 1" Sedu. I had to have that one replaced under warranty twice in under 2 years. I have had the most recent replacement since then....Just in case anybody is concerned about the quality of Sedu.

I switched to the regular Sedu Revolution in early 2012. My original still works and I just sold the backup SR I purchased in 2012 on eBay and replaced it with a new regular Sedu Revolution.

I purchased this one just a few weeks ago. In some ways it is superior to the regular Sedu, and in others, I feel like it is inferior.

What makes this iron superior to the regular Sedu Revolution?

Auto shut-off! - WHYYYYYY wasn't this on the regular Revolution? I have left mine going a few times over the years....

Smaller housing - This makes it far easier to curl on shorter hair. It also makes it easier to straighten shorter hair.

What makes this iron inferior to the regular Sedu Revolution?

I don't know why, but I am pretty sure that my hair straightened easier with the older model of Revolution. I wonder if the plates on the Diamond edition are a bit smaller? The original Revolution was just overall grippier and straightened better. I feel like this Diamond edition is a hybrid between the original Sedu and the Sedu revolution.

The original Revolution heat adjustments offered more in the way of flexibility and heat settings. The Diamond Edition jumps from 280 to 340 degrees. What if I wanted 300? 340 makes my hair smoke, but sometimes I would like a bit more heat than 280 degrees.

Well. That about sums up my thoughts on this. I still use this iron daily as my hair is just past chin length and the back part has hair that is only 1.5" long. This iron fits to flatten out that hair, where the original Revolution didn't fit as well. I also appreciate that I can indeed curl my hair with this. When my hair was down to my shoulders, my original Revolution didn't work as well for curling my hair as this Diamond Edition is working on my chin length hair.

I will use both irons, depending on what I want to do on any particular day.

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Oct 14, 2014
1 Star Rating
Did Not Work When Travelling To Europe
I purchased the Sedu Revolution Diamond Syling Iron specifically for travelling around Italy. It did not work anywhere. I tried it in Venice and in Rome and it wouldn't turn on at all. Would not recommend this product if you are purchasing it solely for travelling.
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Sep 3, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever!
I have very damaged hair from bleaching and heat styling.
But this flat iron actually locks in moisture, and makes my hair look healthy again. You only need one single pass to straighten. I haven't even had to use the maximum temperature. I use 340, and it's plenty hot. I shall never use another flat iron ever again!
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Deidre E.
Aug 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
My Chi iron went out about after a year. I started searching and reading different reviews on different irons. I decided to give the Sedu Revolution Diamond Styling Iron a try. I am so amazed how I don't have to do my hair every day with this iron. It works Great!! I love the auto shut off feature and the different temp. settings. Plus I got the I got the heat proof mat/bag free. This product is well worth the price!!! Love Love Love it!!!
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