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Gates Mills, Ohio
Jun 5, 2016
1 Star Rating
Seed Compact Styler
The Sedu compact styler is not adequate for getting my hair straight. It does not heat up very high and therefore the Sedu compact styler does not straighten my hair the way the larger version styler does. I am disappointed in the purchase of the compact styler by Sedu as I was hoping to take it on trips. I should send it back, but the cost is about as much as the styler.
May 29, 2016
5 Star Rating
Perfect For Bangs!!
This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I wanted a smaller flat iron to use on my bangs and this thing is perfect! I was hesitant because of not being able to adjust the temperature, but whatever this temperature is, it is exactly right for my bangs! I love, love, love this compact flat iron and could not be happier with the results!
Mar 27, 2016
3 Star Rating
Travel Iron
if I paid full price for this I would be disappointed. I use a full size Sedu iron normally but was looking for something to toss in my gym bag that I could use for small touch ups. This is good for getting out minor pony tail holder kinks or straightening my bangs back out after having my hair up during a workout and nothing more. It does seem like the plates don't lay together flat fully and I have experienced the pulling/ripping type sensation other reviewers noted. Do not expect this to do your whole head. For what I need it for it works. I do love the heat pouch.
Aug 18, 2014
4 Star Rating
Works Great On Short Hair
Excellent for getting the edges.
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Ashley M.
United States
Jul 17, 2014
1 Star Rating
Don't Waste Your Money :(
I got this flat iron as a promo when I purchased another one. I would have been very unhappy had I paid a dime for it. I love Sedu products, but this one falls flat (no pun intended). It doesn't get hot enough to straighten my normal hair. There is not temp control, only on and off - so it is what it is. This would be a good product for kids or girls who are just starting to do their own styling ... but it doesn't hold a candle to a normal Sedu Flat Iron.

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Ashley M.
United States
Jul 16, 2014
1 Star Rating
Don't Waste Your Money :(
I was so excited about this product, and then I was so let down....I received this straighter and thought it would be a great 'mini' for travel or other occasions when my normal Sedu wasn't as easy to tote around. I plugged it in and what I didn't realize is that it only goes up to 350 degrees - you actually can't choose a setting, your choices are 'on' and 'off'. This styler might work on a young child's hair, but it barely did anything for mine. I have somewhat thick hair that is high lighted, but have never had issues with a styler not working properly on my hair before ... you would be better off buying a styler at target than this one, I am sad to report. It barely gets warm enough to straighten your hair. The plates are not the normal Sedu plates and so it kind of tears your hair at the same time. I actually got this for free during a promotion and am thinking about returning it - it's that bad. I should have just washed my hair and dried it straight - would have been quicker than trying to straighten with this little guy.
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United States
Mar 31, 2014
1 Star Rating
Defective- Plates Do Not Touch
I've been using a Chi for years and thought this one would be good for travel.
The plates do not make contact the whole way through.

What I received is a tiny flat iron that only connects at the very tip.

The Folica rep says "With most of our flat irons, the plates do not touch".

Really? My Chi plates touch and leave my hair smooth and shiny.

I guess I'll have to contact Sedu since Folica will not exchange.

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Feb 4, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Little Flat Iron
This flat iron heats up quickly and works just as good as my regular size flat iron. It is about half the length of my regular flat iron which is nice for travel. I think the weight is about the same, though. There's a cute zipper travel case that I can put the iron in if it's still a little warm before packing.
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Ann S.
North Carolina
Jan 10, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Rolls Royce Of Flat Iron
Sedu is definitely the rolls royce of flat iron. This is very easy to handle, very comfortable,heats easily 25 seconds and is very safe. It is good for short and long hair.
I would highly recommended this to all women who does not have experience with
flat iron or the ones who are already expert with this tool.
Folica goes above and beyond with their customer service. Fast shipping, excellent wrapping condition and the extra goodies were great. Thank you!!
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Brownsville, TX
Aug 26, 2013
3 Star Rating
Great In A Pinch, But Too Small For A Big Job.
Substantial flat iron, nice grip. Multiple settings means my fine hair won't get damaged. Slightly heavier than I hoped, but does a better job than any others I have used.Heats up fast, but the placement of on/off button sometimes causes me to accidentally change the setting. Would highly recommend anyway. Taking my first trip abroad with it soon--will keep you posted.
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