Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Pro Flat Iron

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Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Pro 1.5" Flat Iron straightens and tames frizzy hair for long-lasting silky results now with swivel cord for easier styling and auto shut-off to eliminate worrying whether you shut the iron off.The best selling iron just got better.


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Lauren O.
Sep 2, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great Iron
I bought this iron from Folica about 8 years ago and it still works! Ilove the iron. My hair is thick, frizzy, and wavy, but I can straighten it in 10 minutes or less. It's sooo shiny and doesn't look dry or dull either. The wire seems to be wearing out or something. It won't stay on sometimes, but this one lasted so long. I will definitely be buying a Sedu iron again.
Apr 1, 2014
2 Star Rating
Can't Hold Heat
We got this on accident (wrong item was sent out - Folica had wonderful customer service, contrary to everything else on the internet) and cannot endorse it. My gf tried it out to straighten her hair but it wouldn;t hold the heat. Kept dropping 100 degrees for every section of hair she did, then would have to walk away...wait...then come back to finish straightening. I bought her a Babyliss in store and it was 100x better.
Mar 31, 2014
5 Star Rating
Time Saver. Love It
Very nice product. It works well on my big,curly and very frizzy hair.It saved me a lot of time. Love it!
Emma C.
United States
Mar 22, 2014
5 Star Rating
Most Reliable Straightener
I've had this straightener for over 6 years and it has always done its job. I'm finally retiring it because I stepped on it and it broke.But it has worked so well all the years I've used it. It's really smooth and doesn't pull your hair and there's no where for your hair to get caught in the actual straightener. Also it heats up so fast and has a variety of heat settings. All in all it's definitely worth the price.
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Mar 22, 2014
5 Star Rating
Awesome Especially For Straightening Quick!!
I absolutely love this straightener. I have thick long hair and it used to take an hour to straighten but with this it only takes 10-20 min. I had the older model of this straightener which I think is what the negative reviews are about.. Sedu had this same model without the swivel cord and with a switch to turn it on and mine had broken. I was so sad I had to find a new straightener till I found that they improved it. I got the new one and it has a swivel cord and a button instead of a switch! have had no issues and absolutely love it.
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Elizabeth T.
San Diego, CA
Mar 21, 2014
3 Star Rating
Work Well, But Stopped Working After 18 Months
I took a chance on this flat iron. My hairdresser had never heard of the brand, but the reviews were good. The first thing I noticed is that it is very light and almost feels cheap, but it got very hot and my hair stayed straight throughout the day. The only issue is that less than 18 months later it stopped working. I only used it about twice a week. I'm simply disappointed, my last flat iron worked very well for 5 years and only stopped working due to the power differences in Europe. I guess it's only about $6 per month, but I'd still prefer something of better quality.
Michelle S.
Mar 15, 2014
4 Star Rating
Love It But Confused
I absolutely love this product and it works amazingly on my hair, although it has broken twice on me (wouldn't turn on, light flickers then shuts off.) it works great though. Other then that. But I am highly confused as to why the list of features claims to have an auto shut off when it does not. I have accidentally come home and realized I had left it off it was confused because it does say auto shut. What is wrong with this picture?
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Houston TX
Mar 7, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever!
I have really long thick wavy-ish hair and it drastically cut my straightening time from 45-60 mins to 20-30 mins. I cant tell you how much I luv this iron... I bought a Solia before this one and this 1 is just Ahhhmazing. I loved it so much I bought it as a gift for one of my cousin's and she loves it too. She thinks its better than her Solia & Paul Mitchell irons she's had in the past. Dont know how some people gave this iron a bad rating, it's shocking to me since I had such experience with mine.
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Geri L.
Jan 10, 2014
3 Star Rating
No Auto Off
I like the width of this flat iron but i am not happy that it is easy to forget that it is on and it dose not have a safety auto off feature. Opften i will turn my iron on, and do something else while it warms up but then forget it. The iron stays on. at leaste three times i have come back to it the next day to find it on and hot. Not only is this unsafe, but it burns out the elements... my iron dosnt work after only 6 months.

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Dec 30, 2013
4 Star Rating
Buy It!
My boyfriend bought this straightener for me about 3 years ago. I have to say it's one of the best straighteners I've used. I've tried to replace it many times, but I still end up using this one. My hair is thick and slightly wavy. It straightens, makes my hair shiny, and keeps my hair straight for at least 2 days without product. This straightener also did not snag my hair. The only thing I wished it did was turn off automatically. There's been a few times where I forgot to turn it off and left it on for hours :|
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