HAI Convertable Ceramic 1ΒΌ" Flat Iron

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HAI Convertable Professional Ceramic Flat Iron is plated with specially-coated ceramic heat panels which protect hair using infra-red heat.


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Jul 29, 2016
4 Star Rating
My Second One
I had the first one for 10yrs and finally died last week. This one fits my hand nicely. I gave it 4 stars because it has an auto shut-off feature which my first iron did not have.....I had to turn it on again in the middle of ironing my hair! Otherwise, this is a great flat iron!
Cecilia P.
Jul 19, 2016
5 Star Rating
7 Years Strong
By far the best straightner for my frizzy THICK curly hair. Leaves smooth and healthy. I have used CHI, HotTools, Sephora brand straightners and I still love my HAI. Im surprised not many people do reviews on this flat iron.
Dec 28, 2015
5 Star Rating
In Love
Love this flat iron!
Nov 11, 2015
3 Star Rating
Not What I Expected
I have few picks to pick at this HAI straightener. It is my first HAI, before I use to own a CHI really good straightener until it got stolen, I had my CHI for about 7 years! So I had to purchase a new straightener and I really didn't want to spend much on one so I went based on the price and reviews for this HAI. The HAI straightens my hair really fast it controls the frizziness and it gives my hair a nice shine and leaves it really smooth. My hair is long wavy, somewhat curly and thick. However, I dont like that I have to set up the temperature that I want to use for my hair, with the CHI it only had an off and on button and it will heat up fast I would like the same for this one. The HAI is not good for curling your hair it would do just mediocre curls and the top of this straightener gets really really Hot! So I feel like I have to hurry, I use the temp. at 340.
Jun 12, 2015
5 Star Rating
Simply The Best!
This is the first review I've ever written, so it takes a lot to impress me! I have shoulder length, fine, naturally curly and a bit frizzy hair. I blow dry and flat iron after every shampoo. In the past 15 years, I've tried just about every high-end flat iron, from Sedu, to Solia, to Chi, and many others, but I really think the HAI is the best. It grips my hair firmly, doesn't snag, doesn't fry, and produces super-smooth results! I'd been using the Sedu Revolution Diamond iron, and while I think that one is OK, the HAI is definitely better. So try it, you won't be disappointed!
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United States
May 19, 2015
5 Star Rating
The Best Flat Iron Ever!
I have had this flat iron for over 10 years, and I think it finally died today. It is by far the best flat iron I have ever used so I immediately came onto Folica to purchase a brand new one. I used this iron almost every day, set to about 340, and it worked wonders. The ceramic plates are great and I never felt that they were damaging my hair. No review will really do this flat iron justice; just buy it and you'll understand.
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United States
Dec 8, 2014
5 Star Rating
Never Buy Another
I've had this product for 8-9 years!! still works the same !! Buy it. It was around 200 when I first got it.
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Christina L.
United States
Nov 20, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever
I've had this flat iron for 8 years, and it still works like new. I have wavy/curly thick hair. This flat iron can straighten my whole head in 15-20 minutes. I have layered hair, so doing things like curling take longer. Because of how good this straightener is, I'm out the door faster than ever. Love this one. HIGHLY recommend.
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Leslie L.
United States
Oct 14, 2014
3 Star Rating
Not Bad...
I bought the HAI convertible ceramic flat iron 1 1/4" because it has pretty good reviews and it was't very expensive. It is just ok. After one use, the flat iron has gotten a little loose so the arms slide side to side when using. Also-it takes multiple passes to straighten hair on hottest setting. I have slightly wavy, healthy hair which should be a piece of cake to straighten. I have gotten similar results from cheaper models from my local big box store. I am probably sending back.
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Sep 22, 2014
5 Star Rating
Lasts A Long Time!!
I have had this one probably about 9 yrs! its still going strong and works fantastic! I have very long thick wavy hair and this is amazing, has changed my manageability of my hair for sure. Got this by recommendation of my long time hair dresser.May order a new since the price is great and I have had mine a while and like new :)
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