Denman TitaniumPro Styling Tool Ion Technology 1"

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Denman TitaniumPro Styling Tool Ion Technology offers innovation, design excellence and unrivaled performance.


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Nieatra M.
Jan 21, 2012
4 Star Rating
On My Top 2 List!!!
Hi everyone. I live in Philly and I am of African-American descent. I have naturally kinky hair that I straighten every 1-2 weeks. I love this iron. I have owned many flat irons of many brands and materials and titanium plates are by far the best. Babyliss was tops on my list until I found this Denman. I love the titanium plates (of course), it's matte finish, it's digital display, and especially the temperature control. Having the power to change the temperature by 5 degrees Celcius gives me the option to better select the temperature that will give me the smoothest, shiniest strands without damaging my hair with too much heat. I generally keep my flat iron at 190-195 degrees Celcius. With the help of It's a 10! Miracle leave-in product and the Sedu anti-frizz polishing treatment and those titanium plates, my hair will stay straight until my next shampoo. Yes it's true that the plates don't fully close when you press them together lightly. All you'd have to do is press them together a little more and I believe that's for the purpose of creating tension for better straightening results. I don't get fatigued at all using this iron. The one thing that annoys me about this iron is the auto shut-off. If Denman made the auto shut-off activate after 30 min of inactivity or if the iron made a noise when it was shutting off, it would get five stars. I've learned to get around this by checking the iron every so often (it takes me two hours, alone, to flat iron my hair.) Despite this, I'd buy this iron again, flaw and all. I highly recommend this iron.
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Mar 23, 2011
1 Star Rating
Horrible. !
A flat iron that doesn't close?! Let me explain.
To start this iron is beautiful..I had really high hopes since I have seen it in videos and a few magazines. When the flat iron finally arrived I was sooo excited to try it. It has temp. control, smooth titanium plates, and then the plates don't touch? I brought this to my hair and began the testing process and it pulled out little pieces of my hair and to get the iron to close all the way I felt like I was squeezing an extremely tough stress ball???! For a flat iron this expensive.. and all the reviews I have found I expected it to at least be better than my chi. Yep I sent it back.. Do not order this please. It is truly a waste of money. I am ordering the silicone tech 450 and I hope I love it. Sooo as far as the Denman flat iron goes it's a waste!
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Sophia R.
Sep 20, 2010
5 Star Rating
There Is No Other Iron Like The Denman Titaniumpro - It Is The Best On The Market.
Another great product from Denman!

I have this iron and it is the best iron I have ever used. I have used the GHD before which is a great iron and I thought I could never be converted but since using the Denman TitaniumPro I will never go back to my GHD.

It is faster and smoother than any iron I have ever used.

The fact that it is dual voltage is also a big plus because I travel a lot with work and would be lost without this styling tool.

It is definitely worth the price - I would pay $300 over and over again for this but the fact that it is on sale on this website I definitely wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

I also use Denman Brushes, I love the brand. Denman produce products that will never let you down and this one is no exception.

Thank you Denman for saving the day once again.

Keep developing great new products!
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