CROC Classic 1" Infrared Flat Iron

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The CROC 1" Infrared Flat Iron is internationally patented to combine ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and infrared technology. The tri-plate design provides 3x the smoothing power than other irons. This is the perfect tool for all hair types and is especially great for coarse or color treated hair.


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Dec 10, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron I've Ever Used
I loved this flat iron! I've been through a lot of flat irons and this one was the best. I'm mixed with black and filipino so I have a unique hair texture. My hair is long and curly and a lot of flat irons damage it due to the heat. The infrared technology is amazing and helped kept my hair healthy and shiny without damage.
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Oct 24, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not So Amazing...
I am very familiar to Croc. I have bought two straighteners from them in the last four years. To be completely honest, I love everything about the infrared straightener. It was everything they said it would be. The BEST straightener I have ever had, but it didn't last as long as a straighter should have. I have had Chi's, Revlon's, and even Ghd. Yet non of those straighteners were as amazing as my Croc, but they all have lasted longer then my Croc. If you don't mind buying a new straightener every two years or less then go ahead and get the Croc, it's an AMAZING straightener. It's just so sad that they have both stopped working.
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Chehalis, WA
Apr 8, 2014
3 Star Rating
Best Hair Straightener/curler/stylier Ever! But- Wont Last Long Enough To Make It Worth The Money
I used the Croc Infrared 1 1/2 inch flat iron, and it is absolutely amazing! I used it every day, without any product or heat protectant, and it made my hair smooth, silky, and it even helped to thicken my fine, puny hair. It was the healthiest it has been in a long time while I was using it! And the curls, oh my goodness! I would have to use an entire bottle of hairspray and it would take and hour and a half to curl my hair the old fashioned way, only to have the curls fall out before I even left the house. With the Croc, it would take me 20 minutes, WITHOUT PRODUCTS of any sort, and my hair would be incredibly curly, last all day, and I would wake up the next morning, with perfect curls still in my hair. You could even brush through your hair, and then twist your hair around your fingers to reshape the curls for a 2nd day of curly hair. A-MAZE-ING!

The down fall to this super awesome miracle worker? And its a big one- It only has a one year warranty. A little over a month after the warranty expired- I had to have a funeral for my Croc. It just would not stay on, kept shutting off, and then it eventually starting smoking, while I was using it, and totally fried the strand of hair I was curling. You could literally smell that burned skin/hair smell. Yuck!

I am so bummed at the short lifespan of this flat iron. I was a walking advertisement for this brand, telling everyone who would listen about my amazing Croc, but after dying on me after only a year, I can't justify paying that much money to buy a new Croc every 12 to 18 months. It just makes me sad to think of what a good thing I had, and now, how am I going to find a straightener that can come even remotely close to being as awesome as my croc? If only I could afford to buy one every year, I wouldn't even be looking for a different brand. :-(
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Jan 6, 2014
2 Star Rating
No Longevity
I have purchased at least five irons from this company. All have broken either on first use, in three months, six months or nine months. I kept buying on the promise of the company when I spoke to them that their irons did last, but never again. My last iron lasted three months Junk. Fantastic while they last though. I still have my GHD of five years!
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Dayne S.
Dec 19, 2013
2 Star Rating
Did Not Last.
The croc worked great for 12 months and then the heat control got stuck and would not go above 190 and two two springs popped out and I no longer had any tension in the Handel. It fell apart!!! For the price of this flat iron I expected it to last quite a bit longer.
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Sadia C.
United States
Sep 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Quick and GENTLE on my hair. DOES NOT dry it out or break it. No smell of burnt hair. I had a GHD before as well as the Chi and a couple of others. So far, this one is the best!
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Carolyn T.
Jan 30, 2013
2 Star Rating
Ok While It Lasted
I bought this flatiron about 6 months ago. It worked great at first and now the infrared is not working. The flat iron will heat up but will not hold the heat temp. The cost is way too much
for the time it lasted. it was not abused I took care of it. Just another one trashed I guess.
Would not recommend!!
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Jan 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
My Life
Stop reading, buy it. This literally cut my styling time in HALF. More than half probably. I can flat iron my hair in half an hour now. I have thick curly black-girl hair. My roomate has curly blonde hair, and she loves it too!
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Rachelle S.
Dec 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
Brought Life Back To My Hair!
My hair is: Colored, foiled, a bit dry/damaged, thick and naturally curly (frizzy)
I bought this product because: High reviews and Infared
I used a small amount of leave in conditioner and Argon oil, sectioned it of in smaller sections and finished with a bit of Argon oil.
My results were: Excellent
I would highly recommend
Good for all hair types
Final thoughts: At first use, I couldn't see the difference. After 2 uses, I started to see more body in my hair. By the 3rd use, I am completely sold. I love this flat iron and it loves my hair!
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Dec 13, 2012
4 Star Rating
Survived A Little Under Two Years
While this flat iron was functional it was great. I really could do one section of hair in one pass since it got hot enough and maintained heat really well.

Right off the bat it did come with one flaw. The infrared lights did not match up to the holes on the plate. I did not really notice that much of a difference between the light being on and off so I felt I could deal with it.

Now under two years later my flat iron broke. It still heats up just fine, I just can't open and close it like it should to be functional. Two little springs popped out from the iron and now it does not have the tension needed to flat iron my hair. This happened mid styling so I attempted to finish the remaining section of my hair operating the flat iron like a broken tong/ chopsticks which gave the worst wrist cramps. Now I am debating buying another and I hope it lasts longer since I definitely like it better then the Solia, Sedu, FHI and Chi flat irons I have owned but I'm taking my time to do more research to see whats new and improved.
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