Croc 1 Classic Titanium 1½" Flat Iron

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Create sleek, smooth styles and straightening with the Croc 1 Titanium Flat Iron. Infrared heat and titanium plates style in a single pass.


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Jan 27, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron I Ever Used
This is my 3rd Croc flat iron. The first one burnt out after having it for many years. On the second one, I broke the spring on it. I have tried many flat irons on my thick curly hair and the croc works the best. My other 2 were for wet or dry hair, but I never used it on wet hair so this time I just bought the one for dry hair. It makes my hair smooth and sleek. I would recommend the croc for people with thick hair curly or coarse hair.
Kathy P.
Jan 6, 2014
5 Star Rating
Croc Flat Iron
this is the absolute best flat iron out there!!!

have used it for several years and can't compare to anything else...

awesome on my Keratins and also for everyday us on clients.

the customer care is amzing and they stand behind their word at follica
Orlando, FL
Dec 4, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Iron Ever!
My hair is very thick and coarse. This flat iron is the absolute best I've ever used. It leaves my hair shiny and super sleek in no time flat. LOVE it!!
The OC
Nov 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
What Can I Say.... Love It!!!
Croc straightener is my hero!!! Best hair days I've had in a long time. I have thin, but SUPER FRIZZY hair. The Croc leaves my wild hair smooth and frizz free. LOVE IT!!
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Sep 19, 2013
1 Star Rating
Not Worth The Money
Exact review from another customer. Had my straightener for about a year loved it until it stopped working. It would turn on to 69 then shut off. Very disappointed!!
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Aug 6, 2013
1 Star Rating
Broke After A Year! Do Not Buy This Flat Iron!
I bought this flat iron in June in 2012. I loved how it worked until yesterday when I plugged it in and it will not turn on. I called customer service today and they said the warranty expired because it was over a year old. What a waste of money!! Don't waste your money on this because it is likely to break after year.
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Brittany L.
Jun 7, 2013
5 Star Rating
Worth The Money!
i bought this product over 4 years ago and it just died! it works so awesome, im about to order another one.. 4 years is a long ttime to have the same strightner so im very happy with it! it heats so fast! and the automatic shutoff after 30 mins is great ! justt BUY IT :)
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Hannah M.
Mar 25, 2013
2 Star Rating
Worked Wonders Until It Died
As an avid CHI user for about 10 years I wanted to try something new and was recommended the Croc. I read the reviews about it malfunctioning, breaking soon after purchase, etc. but thought I'd chance it. My Croc worked perfectly for a year and of course 1 month outside my 1 year warranty it just out of the blue stopped heating up. Save your time and money, skip the croc.
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Aerangels C.
Feb 11, 2013
5 Star Rating
If You Are On The Fence...
go ahead and try this. But register it ASAP! Just in case.

I was so amazed at what this could do on my hair. I have very thick coarse hair that is hard to straighten and hard to keep straight (put in a ponytail at night, wake up with a weird wavy mess for the rest of the day). I have always had to have my flat irons and curling irons at the highest setting, lower heats just don't work for me. This goes to from 290 - 450F. I was very happy with it at 450, straight in a flash (heats up pretty quick too), one quick swipe and my very long hair was done in 12 mins (incl blow dry - no joke! I was amazed!). If I take more time to section it out a bit, I get pin straight results, like glass. Takes maybe 15 mins not including blow drying to get those results. It gets better.... I can put my hair up in a pony tail at night, take it down in the morning, run the blow dryer for maybe 5 seconds max and its straight again. Never been able to do that before. But wait, it gets better! I wanted to see what this could do at a lower setting. So I went down to 350. It performed the same, but the ends of my hair looked better, more sealed and polished. Went to 310 and it was amazing! I had to make slower swipes, but my hair looked even better! Just took a couple minutes longer. FYI on styling aids: I use coconut oil or jojoba oil before blow drying (not after straightening), and sometimes use WEN before towel drying, but nothing else for products. Rarely do I use WEN as shampoo, maybe once a week or less. I use organic jojoba shampoo/cond that has no sodium lauryl sulfates or parabens, so this helps the tools work better. I add this info because I want to emphasize that I do not use special or expensive products. This tool is amazing when you know how to care for your hair type.

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Rachel S.
Dec 10, 2012
2 Star Rating
Should Have Listened To The Reviews
I absolutely loved this product, until it stopped working in under 6 months. I had read the reviews of other people having the same problem, and decided to chance it. Wish I had gone with another brand.
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