CHI Original 1" Flat Iron

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Achieve professional results. This original CHI 1 inch flat iron will straighten, curl and flip your hair.


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Alexis R.
Toronto, ON
Jun 19, 2016
1 Star Rating
Do Not Buy This Product!
Everyone thinks the CHI is a great flat iron, probably because it gets so hot. Too hot. There is only one button to turn this flat iron on, and you can not adjust the heat setting. It gets so hot that your hair shaft will start to break off. I first noticed when I was using the iron while wearing a black shirt. After I was done I had a bunch of pieces of broken off hair all over my shirt! It will singe your hair off and you can't even adjust the heat setting.

I'm so mad with this product because the CHI's were awesome about 5 years ago. Obviously the quality has gone down. I wish I read a review like this before buying it because I am desperately trying to grow my hair out long. Now I have a bunch of damage inflicted by this stupid stupid iron.
Apr 8, 2016
2 Star Rating
Shorts Out/poorly Made
I've gone through 2 Chi flat irons. They have lasted me about 1.5 years each. They made my hair look great but it isn't worth the risk of an electrical fire or the money. The issue on both of them was the same; shortly after purchase it started cutting out once in a while them progressively happen more and more then it would start making crackling noises and start to smell the electrical burning. The first one shorted on the plug side, the last one shorted where the cord connected to the iron. I will not be buying another CHI. They cost TOOOO much and do not last. I am very disappointed. I paid around $190.00 for one and over $200.00 for the other. Never again.
Mercedes K.
Jan 18, 2016
5 Star Rating
Part Of My Daily Routine
My hair is naturally curly and frizzy. I have used a flat iron since age 12 and I am now 21 years of age. So far, this is the best on yet. I just had to have it when my friend who was in beauty school told me about it. She was always complaining that my ends were bad and I was ruining my hair with cheaper brands such as wet-to-straight which I thought was the best for years. Finally I took a leap of faith. The only bad reviews I have seen are about split ends, cords, and lifetime. Well ladies, as a business student I'll point out a few things; 1. Split ends are expected when using heat on your hair. Get a trim in a few months and quit crying, a trim is good for your hair anyways. 2. My straighter is in perfect condition after two years bc I don't lug it around and I'm not rough with it. Keep it one spot and take care of it like any other technology device. 3. Nothing lasts forever, so just as cell phones and laptops go out of date or become junk over time, expect that your straighter will too and upgrade it. Its a great product for someone whose never had a higher quality flat iron, I don't see myself even attempting to switch brands anytime soon..
Mary C.
Dec 21, 2015
5 Star Rating
High Quality Flat Iron
I have this flat iron and I can say that it's really the best for salon and home use! A proffesional, quality and fast working flat iron. I love it! Recently, I've read a good review of the best flat irons at the In their opinion chi pro flat iron is the best and I agree with them.
Madeline B.
Dec 8, 2015
2 Star Rating
Chi - Pros & Cons
I had been using a CHI since 2006. I was stuck strictly on CHI brands until about 2013. I did not want to take a leap of faith and switch- i just didn't want to waste time or money- so I just kept buying a new CHI every 1-3 years. Some lasted longer than others but the average life span was every 1.5 years, and then it would be time to buy a new one.

1. The Chi is reliable- after owning so many, I know how it feels when it is about to go out. The plates are tired and it still keeps on trucking on to the give you the sleek straight hair you want. But you will know, when your tired little straightener just wants to be put away, in a drawer, for eternity.
2. Price- For something that I use everyday, day in, day out- to curl, straighten, or make beach waves. Its one hot tool that can do it all and for $120- I'm happy with that. I am happy that I can buy one tool for almost every style- and as long as I'm not spending $250- it sounds good to me. I can travel with it and just take one tool.
3. Did I mention I can do everything with it. The curls are bouncy and waves are wavy! But the straightening aspect: one word: LAME. I had an epiphany - like I had been using my CHI for so many years and then a lightbulb came on: maybe my CHI isn't so great for straightening. I am now using the Baby Bliss for straightening purposes.
4. Quick heat up time.
5. Curls will hold ALL DAY. No touch up. Mine stay bouncy all day and night!


1. I don't like that the straightener doesn't have an AUTO off timer.
2. My CHI left my hair poofy, frizzy, and I would have to pass over and over and over again until it would straighten.
3. It doesn't have a way of adjusting the temperature. If you have thin hair- you may not need the heat as high as someone with coarse curly hair.
4. . HAIR SNAGGING. The CHI always breaks your hair off at the ends and snags it. By the time I am done straightening I have about 40 strands of broken off hair laying on my floor.
5. If you are using the CHI strictly for straightening purposes- Save your time and go to a baby bliss. However, if you are buying the chi for the straight, curl, flip, wave styling- then the chi may be right for you.
6. Lacking in the Shine Department- while other straighteners leave my hair looking silky- this makes my hair look like a burlap sack. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating but you get my point.
7. If you live in a humid climate- don't go outside- even with pounds of hair spray and gel- your straight hair will look the same as when you started this process..
Aug 29, 2015
5 Star Rating
Love At First Use
I have had my Chi straightener for probably 7 years and I don't have any complaints. I have straightened friends hair and they were just in awe asking how do I get their hair so straight. Its the only straightener I use and would be lost without it. Leaves my hair shiny and smooth. Well worth the one time of paying $80. While other people spend countless amounts of money on cheap or crappy straighteners. Plus no need for spending even more money on a curling iron because it also curls and flips your hair. I have alot of hair and its wavy, poofy and frizzy so my way to perfectly straight hair is I do it in 4 layers, keeping the straight separated from the not, from top to bottom and run my brush thru each small group of hair right in front of the straightener. May take a few minutes longer but well worth it in the end. Other people just straighten there hair all at once not getting underneath or near the roots leaving their hair poofy and most likely missing spots. Everyone's different and opinions vary though. This is just mine.
R S.
Jun 18, 2015
3 Star Rating
Not Happy.
I have been using Chi Straighteners for 8 years now and in that time I have had to purchase 3 straightners. The reason I am not happy is every two years the straightner starts to go and I can see my hair being singed!! I always use multiple heat styling products so that isn't the issue. I will be purchasing something better for my next straightner.
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Jun 16, 2015
5 Star Rating
Great Flat Iron
This is a great flat iron. It makes the hair really silky and smooth. My hair is some what between a 3A and 3C and I've had the solia, sedu, ghd, fhi and this flat iron but I found that the fhi works best. When my hair was chemically treated with perms this flat iron kept my hair straight. But now that my hair is natural I look for flat irons that work best on my natural hair.
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Marisa W.
Feb 16, 2015
1 Star Rating
Not What It Used To Be
I used to LOVE my CHI when they were in their prime they were a great product. After mine broke less than a year ago I bought a new ULTRA CHI and spent $102 on it thinking "you get what you pay for" but that was not the case. In less than a year it stopped working. I spent $30 sending it back and getting a new one,(they sent me the less expensive, regular CHI claiming they "didn't have ULTRA CHI in the warehouse") in less than 2 months one of my plates stopped heating, causing it to over heat the other side and smell burnt. Since it was less than 90 days, they shipped me a new one using their shipping label, great, right? Only to find 2 weeks later the SAME THING happened to the "new one". Not only that, but I sent it to them after waiting 2 weeks for them to email me the shipping label. After I got it, it took me less than 24 hours to send it back. I tracked the package, they got it 2 days later, I called them a week after I know they received it and they told me I had to wait 10-14 business days AFTER they receive mine (long enough to try and refurbish mine, I'm sure). I got it a few days after they waited their 14 days, 2 weeks later, BAM! Stopped working. I'm sick of it, I will be switching to ION Hot tools.
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Nov 4, 2014
3 Star Rating
Split Ends!
I loved my chi before it gave me split ends and dried up hair! I just ordered the Solia ceramic flat iron to see if it would be better that the chi!
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