CHI Original 1" Flat Iron

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Achieve professional results. This original CHI 1 inch flat iron will straighten, curl and flip your hair.


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Aug 29, 2015
5 Star Rating
Love At First Use
I have had my Chi straightener for probably 7 years and I don't have any complaints. I have straightened friends hair and they were just in awe asking how do I get their hair so straight. Its the only straightener I use and would be lost without it. Leaves my hair shiny and smooth. Well worth the one time of paying $80. While other people spend countless amounts of money on cheap or crappy straighteners. Plus no need for spending even more money on a curling iron because it also curls and flips your hair. I have alot of hair and its wavy, poofy and frizzy so my way to perfectly straight hair is I do it in 4 layers, keeping the straight separated from the not, from top to bottom and run my brush thru each small group of hair right in front of the straightener. May take a few minutes longer but well worth it in the end. Other people just straighten there hair all at once not getting underneath or near the roots leaving their hair poofy and most likely missing spots. Everyone's different and opinions vary though. This is just mine.
R S.
Jun 18, 2015
3 Star Rating
Not Happy.
I have been using Chi Straighteners for 8 years now and in that time I have had to purchase 3 straightners. The reason I am not happy is every two years the straightner starts to go and I can see my hair being singed!! I always use multiple heat styling products so that isn't the issue. I will be purchasing something better for my next straightner.
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Jun 16, 2015
5 Star Rating
Great Flat Iron
This is a great flat iron. It makes the hair really silky and smooth. My hair is some what between a 3A and 3C and I've had the solia, sedu, ghd, fhi and this flat iron but I found that the fhi works best. When my hair was chemically treated with perms this flat iron kept my hair straight. But now that my hair is natural I look for flat irons that work best on my natural hair.
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Marisa W.
Feb 16, 2015
1 Star Rating
Not What It Used To Be
I used to LOVE my CHI when they were in their prime they were a great product. After mine broke less than a year ago I bought a new ULTRA CHI and spent $102 on it thinking "you get what you pay for" but that was not the case. In less than a year it stopped working. I spent $30 sending it back and getting a new one,(they sent me the less expensive, regular CHI claiming they "didn't have ULTRA CHI in the warehouse") in less than 2 months one of my plates stopped heating, causing it to over heat the other side and smell burnt. Since it was less than 90 days, they shipped me a new one using their shipping label, great, right? Only to find 2 weeks later the SAME THING happened to the "new one". Not only that, but I sent it to them after waiting 2 weeks for them to email me the shipping label. After I got it, it took me less than 24 hours to send it back. I tracked the package, they got it 2 days later, I called them a week after I know they received it and they told me I had to wait 10-14 business days AFTER they receive mine (long enough to try and refurbish mine, I'm sure). I got it a few days after they waited their 14 days, 2 weeks later, BAM! Stopped working. I'm sick of it, I will be switching to ION Hot tools.
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Nov 4, 2014
3 Star Rating
Split Ends!
I loved my chi before it gave me split ends and dried up hair! I just ordered the Solia ceramic flat iron to see if it would be better that the chi!
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Brooklyn M.
Modesto, CA
Jun 18, 2014
5 Star Rating
Awesome Flat Iron!!!!
This flat iron is AMAZING!!!!! I'm getting another one!!!!
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United States
Jun 16, 2014
3 Star Rating
Great Product... For The Few Months It Lasts
The straightener itself is amazing and leaves your hair soft and shiny. However, the cord is a piece of junk. I have had two Chi straighteners, and within a few months, both cords were super touchy, and I had to hold it a certain way to get the straightener to turn on. After a few more months, I couldn't get it to turn on at all. The cord is 4 feet long, so you have to wind it up, but bending like this will only make it crap out sooner. Not very well thought out.
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May 19, 2014
2 Star Rating
Dont Buy This!
I used to use the cheap flat irons on my hair that i would from a local drug store, so i wanted to try out a "High Quality" flat iron so i purchased this flat iron and I hate it, it gives me split ends, makes my fly away super noticable and it does not completely straighten my hair at the tips its still a bit curved. DONT BUY THIS IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR HAIR!
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Mar 26, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron
I had a Chi flat iron for over 5 years and it was great. Unfortunately, the plug cracked and I couldn't get it fixed. I tried a different flat iron at first-even more expensive and thought it was ok, but not worth the money. There are some Chi flat irons that are less expensive, but don't work too well. This Chi is sturdy and I LOVE!! It is more expensive than the other CHi flat irons, but worth it. I got a discount on this website too! BONUS!
I would definitely recomend this flat iron. I have medium length hair, wavy, but frizzy and it straightens without frying.
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United States
Mar 7, 2014
2 Star Rating
It Would Be Okay If It Was Half The Price
I bought this flat iron at Ulta a few years back and ended up giving it away to a friend about a year later.

When I first straightened my hair with it it was very nice. I got super soft, super straight hair and my only complaint was that it often snagged on my hair and completely sucked all the volume out of my hair. No matter how many different ways I tried to straighten my hair it always ended up super flat! (which doesn't look good on my found face)

The real problems came about about 4 months later. After 4 months, no matter what product I put in my hair to try and tame it, (and I bought everything from cheap drug store brands to top of the line hair serums) it would make my hair super static-y and frizzy! I had flyaways like no tomorrow and would walk around with tons of little hairs sticking straight up. And let's not even talk about how crazy my hair got on humid days!

Plus about 5 months in I dropped the darn thing and it immediately cracked and started taking longer to heat up. Absolutely no durability.

Honestly, if this thing was around $30-40 I might say that it is worth it. But it's too expensive for a flat iron who's good results don't last more than a few months and with 0 durability. I completely gave up on this thing about 6 months in and invested in a different straighter (GHD) that I have been in love with since.

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