CHI Air Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Flat Iron - Onyx Black

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Achieve professional results with the CHI Air Classic 1" Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron will straighten, curl and flip your hair.


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Oct 5, 2014
1 Star Rating
Will Never Purchase A Chi Again
I bought my CHI less than a year ago, took very good care of it and one side of it just stopped heating up. Well, I bought it from a salon so it came with a "2 year warranty" not much of a warranty if you ask me. First of all, if you've had it within a year you have to send a check when you send it to be fixed of $15.00 for shipping and handling but if you have had it over a year the check has to be $35.00? Not sure how its going to cost more for shipping and handling based on the length of time you've had it. Also I paid to have it shipped to them in the first place. So I paid for both shipping to and from where they told me to send it too. I am very upset with this customer service I feel after spending over $100 on this product less than a year ago I should not be the one paying for the shipping when it was the product that malfunctioned. I regret buying a CHI and definitely am going with Paul Mitchell from now on.
Dec 30, 2013
4 Star Rating
First Chi Was Better
My first Chi lasted about six years before the cord started to fray. I used electrical tape, which I do not advise to others. It worked for me & I had already ordered the new Chi and it was not as hot-wise as the first one, not as effective, and the button control was way different. In fact, I set the new one aside and kept using the old Chi taped with electrical cord. I will admit that I left the house a couple of times and it was plugged in-one time all day & came home--it was still hot. I don't advise that either, I am just forgetful.
I wish they would bring back the original Chi, I am adicted to it and it works for my thick hair. I tried other brands such as Sedu, etc. and not as effective for my hair.
I gave it a 4 star, but a 5 star is the better Chi.
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Sep 9, 2013
3 Star Rating
Just Got It
II just got it in the mail, but it heats up really fast and goes well with the temperature adjustments, changing quickly between degrees. The only problem I have with it is that I feel like it burns my hair.. but I've just gone through a few months of bleaching and dying my hair so that just might be me. But overall it's alright. Not as great as I expected, but not terrible.
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Jun 27, 2013
5 Star Rating
Seems To Be The Best
I bought a CHI iron for my daughter 12-14 years ago and it just now quit working. She wanted another CHI to replace it. She says that over the years she and her girlfriends have compared their different model irons and her CHI always straightens and smooths the best. It lasted way longer than I expected. I was happy to buy her another one.
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Haley M.
Jun 9, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love This!
I have never had a problem with this straightener. It's perfect!!
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Jessica A.
Miami , FL
Jun 5, 2013
1 Star Rating
First Time Buyer Of Chi , Very Disappointed
Before I bought the CHI Iron in PINK I had to research and see the review for it . I was excited in buying my CHI because the feedback were to my expectations. After I bought it in March I didn't use it often probably like 3 times because I always have a flat iron as my back up even tho its old and used it works better than the CHI. Now in the end of May I decided to use my CHI Iron and it didn't turn on! I was very disappointed to find out that CHI has a defect on the cord. HANDS DOWN TO CHI . My expectation for you guys were very disappointed.
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May 15, 2013
3 Star Rating
Great Product But Poor Quality!
I have bought two Chi flat irons and have had the same problems with both. The first one I bought the on and off switch fried and melted so I was unable to use the chi. I had this Chi for about two years. The second one I got it started getting a short in the power cord around the base of the chi. Since it was out of warranty I used the power cord from my broken one and put it on the newer one. This lasted fine for about two years and now the power switch just fried and melted. Both of these are common issues for Chi's according to online search results. Chi's work great but from my experience they don't last very long and with being so pricy that is an important factor. I'm spending a little more money and going with a GHD plus at least GHD's have a 2 year warranty unlike CHI's.
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Dr. Mom
Mar 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
Expensive, But Worth It!
This is my second Chi flatiron -- left the first one behind in a hotel, sigh. The new one has an adjustment for the heat setting, which is very nice.
It heats up quickly, is easy to handle, and does a wonderful job. I love the way you can straighten your hair or curl it. Be sure to watch the online videos for directions.
Infinitely better than the many drugstore cheap ones I've bought over the years.
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Mar 15, 2013
5 Star Rating
Awesome Flat Iron!!
Bought this Chi for my daughter, great investment. Does a great job, it's good and quick and leaves her hair looking shiny and straight.
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Mar 5, 2013
2 Star Rating
I Hate This Flat Iron
I loved my Sedu flat iron but after two years the cord failed. I decided to try the CHI flat iron because I love my 2" barrel CHI curling iron. Unfortunately I absolutely HATE this flat iron. It pulls and doesn't starighten my hair as the Sedu brand did.
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