Amika 1" Pro-Styler

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Amika 1" Pro-Styler features a unique floating plates design allows you to not just straighten, but also to create waves, curls, flips ,volume and many more styles all with one styler.


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Apr 21, 2010
4 Star Rating
Ive Had Better
i use to own an innis ceramix but my cat pused it off my stand and broke it so i decided to ret amika out...i have natural wavery thick does a good job if a seperate my hair into 4 different layers while ironing it, as were ceramix i only need 2 recommend for not so thick haired girls.
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Apr 7, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Love It!
I love the Amika! I don't have one but my friend does. When I came to her house we were going to a bastektball game! But mr hair was a TOTALLY poofy and wild !! So, she pulls out the AMIKA flat iron and starts doing my hair 1 When it was finished it looked lik I just got an fresh perm , i was so excited and happy ! Not only is the Amika a good flat iron but also a cute one and very stylish ! I hope my mother orders this wonderful Amika flat iron,yes its pricey but its worth EVERY PENNY !!(:
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Jan 22, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever
I just bought an Amika Flat iron, and it the best Flat Iron that I have ever used. I no longer relaxs my hair; My hair is natural and the Amika flat iron straigthen it like a relaxer. I highly recommend Amika!!!!!!
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New York, NY, United States
Dec 15, 2009
5 Star Rating
Amazing Product!
I purchased this product online and was so excited to try it when I received it in the mail. It heated up in about 60 seconds and since I have very straight asian hair, I wanted to test out the curling abilities right away. The curl technique was a little difficult for me to get from reading the directions so after I watched a few youtube tutorials, my curls were coming out perfectly! My hair never hold curls and this flat iron curled my hair and has held the curl pretty much all day even without hair spray. I love this product and highly recommend it!!!
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Dec 1, 2009
5 Star Rating
Amika 1" Pro-styler
I was shopping in the mall one day with some friends and we were pulled aside by someone working the stand . One of my friends has extremly curly hair and my hair was very poorly straightened. He used my hair to curl it and hers to straighten. I have tried curling my hair before but it's just so thick that it doesn't work and I would get frustrated, but this straightner curled my hair better then my own curling iron. It straightened my friends hair in one shot, which I was very impressed by because I've straightened her hair before and it takes FOREVER because it's so curly. It's a bit pricey, but you will deffinitly get your money's worth.
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Nov 7, 2009
1 Star Rating
Huge Disappointment!
The reason I bought this flat iron was because I tried my friend's (the original one) and it worked really well on my hair. However, after only a few months of use, the paint started peeling off, and it takes forever for my hair to straighten! My hair is soft and wavy, not hard to straighten at all! This flat iron does not protect my hair any more than any other flat iron I have tired.
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United States
Oct 20, 2009
3 Star Rating
Hot On Outside
This really does work pretty well, but the outside of the unit gets so hot it burns my fingers. I decided to return it.
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Aug 25, 2009
5 Star Rating
Absolutely Amazing
I've gone through numerous straighteners and got this about a year and a half ago on whim. It was in one of those random stalls at the mall. I was considering getting a new straightener sometime soon, and this woman pulled me aside and straightened a strand, then curled a strand. I was amazed with the results and bought the silver one. I'd already been straightening my hair for a few years. But when I went to school with my hair straightened with the amika the next day, people kept complimenting my hair, and how gorgeous and.. BEHAVED it was. I used to have really puffy, frizzy, curly hair in middle school. And after I started using the amika, I'm positive that even when I don't straighten my hair, it's more relaxed and manageable. It's also incredibly sturdy. I've dropped it onto hardwood floor countless times, and it's still working perfectly. I'd definitely recommend it!
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Aug 19, 2009
5 Star Rating
Amika 1" Pro-styler
This a veryy verry good hair strightner. i didnt think it was that good before i bought it but when i tried it, i couldn't believe it.the results were amazing. it makes your hair feel so soft and it makes it look so shiny. i am black and my hair is not permed. it is pouffy. but when i used this straightner it made my hair very thin and is very good for curling and many other good styles. i definetley recommend and it is worth your money
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Northern VA
Jul 26, 2009
5 Star Rating
Hands Down My Favorite Tool
My brother bought me one a year and a half ago, and its the best tool Ive used. My hair is fairly thin and fine, but it has been damaged all of my life, and it naturally kinks. Ive always had cheap hair dryers, until recently, and I tried a middle-of-the-road straightener. The hair dryers were terrible, and the straightener was just okay. I rarely straightened my hair for fear of damage.The Amika made all the difference. My hair actually looks healthier after I straighten it. I now straighten my hair every other day, and I have yet to see damage from the heat. (There is only one heat setting, but it has not damaged my fine hair one bit.) Ive now tried a high end hair dryer, which is better than the cheap ones, but my hair doesnt compare to being straightened with the Amika. I also recently got a Sedu Revolution travel iron, and it doesnt seem to compare, either. I didnt know Amika had a travel iron, but I may exchange the Sedu now that I know.This iron is WORTH its price. I highly recommend it.
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