Epilady Legend 4

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Epilady Legend 4 is a full-size rechargeable epilator, with a new, quiet, wide epilating head.


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Tanisha D.
United States
Dec 27, 2014
5 Star Rating
This is my first epilator ever, and I love it!!! I bought it for myself for Christmas and used it yesterday. Since I knew I had it coming, I've been waiting to shave my armpits so I could use this device. Big mistake!!! LOL. Epilating my armpits was soooo freaking painful. I'll never epilate when my hair is that long. Hopefully, next time, it won't be as painful, but I loved the results!!! (FYI, my left armpit is still sore!!!). My legs were a different story. Yes, I waited to shave so I could use this as well. My leg hairs were kind of long (but they are naturally fine). It was a much more pleasant process. There wasn't really any pain, and if you hold your skin taut, the pulling of the hairs is even less noticeable. My legs are super smooth. I went over them again and again until I felt like I got all the hairs. It was a pretty lengthy process, but worth it. Also, for my armpits and legs, I used the slow setting. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering buying it. My only con is that I wish it came with a light.
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Elaine T.
Ottawa Ontario Canada
Jan 21, 2014
5 Star Rating
Love It.
This is my third hair removal of this kind. My first one was years ago (over 20 I think). It was painful at first use and took a while to get the hang of it (not sure if it was because of the unit or if it's always the case at first.
My Epilady unit broke after several years of use.

It is no longer painful AT ALL and although I only used this new model once, so far it's great. I hope this Epilady Legend 4 lasts as long as the last one.
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Sep 3, 2013
3 Star Rating
Not As Good As My 1987 Original Epilady
I tried this new Epilady when the power cord to my original 1987 Epilady stopped working. The new legend fourth generation has some nice features. It's smaller, quieter and can be run on a charge without being plugged in, so you could bring it on a trip without the need for a charger. The main drawback when compared to the original model is that it takes twice as long to remove my leg hair. I found a new plug at RadioShack model #273รข??357 that makes my old Epilady work again. The dual coils of the old Epilady are much faster at removing hair, so I'm back to using my 1987 model.
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New Jersey
Sep 2, 2013
4 Star Rating
Epilady Legend 4 Works!
Ive been using epilators for a very long time and found Epilady Legend 4 to work very well. It doesn't seem to hurt as much as other epilators ive tried. I do get very red bumps after I use it, but that could be because it is new to my skin. It is a quiet and easy to use epilator and seems quite impressive. Hope it lasts a long time.
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Jul 31, 2013
4 Star Rating
My Favorite New Gadget
I purchased several epilators and returned them all. Needless to say the results were disappointing but not with this epilady. I had one about 30 years ago when they first came out and loved it but broke it.This one does the job just as good.
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Angel W.
United States
Jul 30, 2013
4 Star Rating
Love It
I really like the Epilday Legend 4. I've used an Epilady for years and my hair comes in so sparse and fine. I'd recommend this item to anyone.
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Nov 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love It!
I've been using Epilatior for many years and this one is my all time favorite! I'm buying a second one, exactly the same, and the only reason is because I accidentally broke mine. After searching for a different one I decided to stick to my Epilady 4. I really recommend this product!
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Apr 11, 2012
5 Star Rating
My Life With Epilady
I have owned three of the four generations of Epilady shavers and loved every one of them. They are now stashed at places I stay for any length of time. I can't imagine going back to a regular razor. My daughter received a Christmas present of an Epilady from Moi and my granddaughter will be blessed with one for her birthday. There is nothing I dislike about this product, it has been great since the first generation and the 4th generation is easier to clean and has a nice beginner angle guide. Just keeps getting better - and less expensive!
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