Epilady Epic Rechargeable Epilator

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The Epilady Epic Rechargeable Epilator features a stylish bordeaux and white body with a new, quiet, extra-wide, and curved epilating head.


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Jan 20, 2012
1 Star Rating
Doesn't Work. Wasted Money.

I had a 20 year-plus Silk-epil that needed a new cord, but was tempted to buy the cheaper priced Epilady as a replacement.   The company rep assured me that Epilady was as good as Silk-epil.... but that was a far stretch.   
The Epilady broke off more leg hair than it pulled, and missed other hairs.   It didn't matter if the angle was changed to be just right,  it just did not work like a higher priced and quality Silk-epil.   When I tried to do underarms, I also got a severe pinch/cut with the Epilady.
I tried to return the Epilady, but having been out of town for a while, I went a few days past the 30 day deadline for returns, so the company refused to let me return it.  This was after all the company hype about it being as good as Silk-epil, encouraging me to order it and try it out.  
My older Silk-epil had left my legs feeling as smooth as waxing, but the Epilady left my legs feeling rough with the all the unpulled and cut hairs.  It was worse than just shaving them.
The caveat:    if you think you need to try Epilady, be sure to watch the 30 day deadline for returns if not satisfied.    And you probably won't be satisfied if you have experienced a Silk-epil in the past.    I haven't tried other epilator brands so can't comment if there are any others might work as well. 
But after wasting $50 dollars on an Epilady, now I get to buy a higher priced Silk-epil that I should have gotten in the first place.   The epilady is being tossed.

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Aug 15, 2011
1 Star Rating
High Expectations, Poor Performance
I was really excited about this epilator-- all the reviews for it were great! But after trying it, I would never EVER buy another one, for two reasons: 1) I read that it's supposed to sting a little, especially the first time, but oh my goodness! I tried to put up with the pain and just couldn't. This is way worse than waxing. I can't stand to use it for more than three seconds at a time, and have to practically give myself a motivational speech each time I go for another bit of my leg. Can't even imagine using this on my face!! I discounted other reviewers who said the pain was terrible because I thought they were being over dramatic or had never tried waxing. I'll never find out if the Epilady hurts less after multiple uses, because I can't stand to try it again. Waxing is less painful and honestly 5x more time efficient. 2) It doesn't even work!!! The Epilady pulled out a few hairs here and there, but most of the time it just broke them off near the skin! I didn't even have a patch of smooth skin to show for my efforts! The one good thing I can say about it is that it has a really sleek design-- it looks awesome. Just wish it did what it was supposed to.
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Sue B.
United States
May 3, 2011
5 Star Rating
Inexpensive Excellence!
I've been in between modeling projects and my favourite waxing salon closed down... As a result, I had to adhere to my current budget (and save money in the long run) I invested in this superb epilady. Let me tell you, for a one time payment of $50 it was well worth it! Not only does it removed 99.9% of body hair, but it keeps it away for 2-3 weeks (on me anyways... I'm not all that hairy to begin with.)

The only thing I'd have to emphasize, is if one is a first-time user and/or has a low tolerance for any sort of physical pain.... take a warm shower or bath beforehand! Not only will this relax your muscles, but it will make the first and/or second time of "from-the-root-hair-removal more tolerable. Also, clean hair/skin makes it much easier for the tweezers to grab a hold of the hair.

I highly recommend not only this product, but www.folica.com in general. What a wonderful website! I'll be ordering more from here very soon! (Look out hair dryers. Here I come!) ;)
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Shirley S.
Oct 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Product
This product is so much better that the old white model with coils. What a pleasure to us this wonderful product. I could hardly feel the action at all, and my legs felt wonderful. BUY AND YOU WON'T BE SORRY.
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Aug 21, 2010
2 Star Rating
Not Worth It
So I've been using this epilator for about 5 months now and I dread having to use it. When I initially starting using this epilator on my legs, I had thick course hair but after awhile I did notice that my hair grows back finer but it still grows back fast! Not as fast as if I had shaved but it doesn't last a month or 2 weeks but after a week my hair starts to grow back and then I'm dreading the pain I just got over a week ago. If it went faster like waxing, I could probably tolerate it more but it's not fast at all. I have to go over some spots over and over again to get all the hair gone and it makes it much more painful. It feels like constant pinches, you can take the pain but then you got another leg to go! Too much, not worth it. I rather go through quick pain and have smoother legs that last longer than a week.
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May 21, 2010
4 Star Rating
It Works
This is my first epilator, I thought it was cute and decided to give it a try and I?جø¬?m glad I did! I've used the epic on my legs three times since I got it and my legs are now smoother with less hair. Hair does grow back but it's softer and finer now vs shaving. My legs stay smooth for a longer time and I just like how natural it is, hair being pulled from the root. It works and it's cute...worth it!
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Mar 29, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Love This Product!
This is one of the best things I have ever bought. It hurts the first time but then it is like nothing is happening. Saves money, time and gets rid of hair for the long term.
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Feb 2, 2010
5 Star Rating
Exceeded Expectations
This is my first epilator. I had been thinking about getting one for a long time, and am so glad I did. It works great! Love how the small style fits my hand, too.
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