Sultra The Bombshell 1" Clipless Curling Iron

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The award-winning Bombshell 1-Inch Curling Rod uses ThermaTru Ceramic Technology to create long-lasting curls and voluminous waves that are frizz-free and shiny!


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Jun 7, 2016
1 Star Rating
Works Great. For A Little While And Then Breaks!
I loved this curling wand fiercely but literally will shut itself off every other minute and barely gets hot! Very unhappy with this purchase and disappointed Folica would carry something that breaks so easily. Heading to a wedding weekend with a broken wand!
Jan 5, 2016
1 Star Rating
Out Of The Box Didn't Work
Very very disappointed didn't work, didn't heat up's not the outlet because my flat iron works just fine plugged into the same one.....for $130 it's junk
Miriana L.
New York City
May 11, 2015
5 Star Rating
Excellent Curling Wand!!!
This is a great curling iron wand. I have very fine hair and. Color treated, and chemically straightened. This does not burn your hair. This curls the hair quickly, and smoothly-no frizz, and the curls last for me up to 3-days - without washing. It's very good quality. It comes with the glove so please use it as it gets very hot. It took some practice to get the curls done properly, but after it got the hang of how to use it, it's AMAZING! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
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Toronto, Ontario
Oct 16, 2014
5 Star Rating
Holy Grail Curling Iron
When it comes to my hair, I never spare any expense and while to some, this curling rod is expensive, I consider it an investment. My curls come out P-E-R-F-E-C-T EVERY SINGLE TIME. On days that I curl my hair, I get stopped a few times a day by women asking about my hair. My natural hair length is just past my waist and I have medium thick hair, so it holds the curl very well. The first day, my curls are as tight as I want them and they last me at least 5 days with this rod. By the fifth day, I have loose, effortless waves. I love love LOVE this product.
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Michelle M.
Cape May,NJ
Aug 21, 2014
5 Star Rating
this curling iron changed my hair's life. it is amazing! i wanted the curling iron because we were getting beach portraits done and i wanted a styled look, well that exactly what i got. I received the curling iron in the mail yesterday and i tried it out that night we were going to dinner on the boat. My husband said wow you look beautiful but your hair is going to blow right out on the water you know. I said I know, well it did not it stayed curly all night, I was shocked so if your on the fence about this curling iron hop on over its the best one I've ever owned and holds like no other. I sprayed each strand with hair spray first and i also used the sultra volumizing lotion on my wet hair.

have fun!
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Jun 3, 2014
5 Star Rating
Wish I Never Waited !
I had heard about this a year ago but waited to buy it and I wish I never did! I didn't think it would be that different than the curlers I had ..boy was I wrong ! Do you want to look like you have Victoria secret model hair? You need to buy this curler now! love it !!!
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Michelle M.
Feb 11, 2014
2 Star Rating
Not Impressed
I was expecting this to be life changing and it was a complete let down. Got the same result as when I use my $25 Hot Tools curling iron (I removed the clamp, so its now a wand). I actually prefer the Hot Tools because I can control the temperature. Sorry ladies, not impressed with Sutra and its already on its way back :(
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Katy, TX
Dec 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
Amazing Results!!!
I just purchased the sultra one inch bombshell and I LOVE IT!!!! I have naturally curly hair that is actually fine, but I have a ton of it. My hair can sometimes be frizzy and for some reason will never hold curls when I use rollers or other curling irons. The first time I used the bombshell my hair was absolutely stunning! No frizz and my curls held all night through the next day!!!!! I had so many compliments on my hair when we went out that night I felt so GREAT!!! I never really review products, but I felt I had to with this one because it was that wonderful!
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Aug 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
It Is What It Claims To Be
I don't write reviews. Rarely do I love a product so much that I have to tell the world...until this. I've had this product for about a month. I have long, fine hair...that's naturally wavy, but never curls. I also have Keratin treated/color treated hair. So it almost NEVER HOLDS A CURL. Then, this little baby comes along, and after stalking it online for months, I finally pulled the trigger. Best hair investment yet! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Watch the video, follow the directions, USE THE GLOVE - you will need it as the wand gets very hot - and you will have that bouncy, sexy, BOMBSHELL hair that it promises. My 'hard to curl - never holds it' hair will hold these waves for about 2 days. Strangely, and I've seen other reviewers claim this as well, my hair is actually in better condition. I thought this would fry it, but it doesn't. This product does everything it says it will, it's worth its price.
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Mar 27, 2013
5 Star Rating
This is the best curling rod ever! My friend had one and I used it for her wedding. I fell in love instantly. I can fix it one day and wake up the next morning with curls still in my hair. It is very easy to use!! I highly recommend this product to anyone!
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