Sedu and Blow Pro Perfect Texture and Curls Set

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Achieve perfect curls with the Sedu and Blow Pro Perfect Texture and Curls Set. This bundle includes all the items you need to create beautiful curls that last all day.


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Courtney G.
New York
This week
5 Star Rating
Best Blow Dryer I've Owed!!!
I just wanted to write a quick review because it came to my attention that I have had this blow dryer for 5 YEARS! This little guy packs a powerful punch. My hair is thick and course and easily frizzes up naturally and does not look good when it air dries so I NEED a well-made, professional quality dryer to get the job done. I also use a paddle or round brush to help smooth my hair while drying but I love how much airflow this dryer provides, allowing me to blow out my hair in about 15 minutes (shoulder length). In the 5 years so far I have only had to order a replacement piece for the plastic ring that holds the filter onto the back of the dryer which was my own fault for dropping it and causing it to split. This is the longest I've ever owned a dryer and whenever it is time for a replacement I plan on replacing it with another Sedu if not this same model. GREAT BUY!!
Barbara A F.
Jul 10, 2015
5 Star Rating
Great Dryer
I love this dryer. Replacing a older Sedu. And the results are much better, hair dries quicker and much less frizz. I also have a bum shoulder and this is a lighter dryer then my older Sedu.
So happy I made the purchase. Expensive but worth it.
New Jersey
May 13, 2015
5 Star Rating
Best Blow Dryer I've Owned.
Being a busy hair stylist I need a blow dryer that will get the job done and get it done fast. Thick, thin, coarse, fine, curly or pin straight this blow dryer handles it all. I've had a few in the past including this over hyped Paul Mitchell dryer that were terrible. Nowhere near the power of this dryer. It is a little pricey but to me it's worth it, it didn't crap out on me after the many years I had it,actually freak accident happend where I left it in my bathroom and my 3 month old puppy who is teething tore everything apart . I was so upset but life goes on so I borrowd one of my coworkers dryers and it took me twice as long to do blow out and I had to use twice as many products . So here I am again buying another ! The ONLY tiny complaint I have it that it is a little on the heavy side but once you use it for a few weeks you get used to it.
Apr 3, 2015
4 Star Rating
Finally, A Blowout To Be Proud Of
I have naturally wavy/curly, normal/slightly coarse, frizzy, mid back length hair. It is difficult to style and usually needs a lot of product, making styling only last 2 days max. I also struggled to finish the job, as it took too long (30 min).

Since purchasing this dryer I have managed to get 4-6 days on each blowout, and not feel my ends got dry during that time (an issue I had before). I could go longer between washes, but feel my hair begins to get that unwashed smell to it, but my hair still has good volume, body, and is not greasy. I use 2 pea sized dollops of blowout balm and it only takes 15 minutes. I don't struggle to control the air or to get hair how I want it. I also really like the small size, I don't struggle to get the brush and dryer to work together. Overall I am really pleased with this.

I only gave 4 stars because I'm not sure how it will perform or last long term, or if it will dry my hair out. My only real con is the cold shot button. I do find myself pushing it accidentally several times during each blowout. I adjust my hold and other than it being a bit annoying, has no other effect.

Overall: good dryer for my wavy/curly, dry, somewhat coarse hair. There may be a comparable, less expensive dryer out there, but with a discount I think this is worth it. I would recommend.
Apr 2, 2015
5 Star Rating
Worth The Money!
My hair is naturally curly and brown
I bought this product because I wanted salon results when blowdrying all my curls.
My results were a huge improvement compared to using my cheap brand blow dryer
I liked it because it gave powerful heat to straighten and help with frizz
I would recommend it because I was very pleased with my results and it didn't take me as long to straighten with my straightener, after using this dryer.
Apr 2, 2015
3 Star Rating
This dryer underperformed to my expectations. The high heat isn't hot enough and takes long to dry my hair and I have medium hair length on top and nothing on the sides. If you are looking for a quick dry I would recommend another dryer.
United States
Mar 31, 2015
3 Star Rating
Powerful But Not Durable.
I loved the power of this at first, but for a professional dryer it's been surprisingly brittle. After the first couple of years of use, the dryer itself and the diffuser began to fall apart, bit by bit. I don't think I'm especially hard on it, though I do tend to be klutzy and drop things (but the bathroom is carpeted). For now I've duct taped it together, but the back keeps falling off so I think it's time for a new one. I plan to buy a cheaper hair dryer this time--it's not worth the expense it if it's only going to last four years and spends the last two of them taped up and crumbling.
Ana B.
Bay Area California
Mar 25, 2015
3 Star Rating
Over Hyped And Dissapointing
I had high hopes for this hair dryer after reading good reviews and following the recommendations for picking one for my hair type. Well, this dryer is really no better than the $20 conair dryer I bought at Costco. The low temp setting is too low and although the high temp setting is good, when you combine the super air flow, my hair blows all over the place and it's hard to control. For reference I have extremely thick coarse dark hair (I'm latina) and this hair dryer left me with frizz every single time. I tried using different hair products in conjunction with the hair dryer, but no matter what this dryer left me with a big poofy mess. I guess I'm giving it 3 starts for the powerful motor, but other than that I wish I could return it, but I waited too long to do so. The lack of stars is for how hard it is to control the outcome of your hair with this dryer...I expected something that was going to take my hair from wet to amazing in 20 minutes. No. Dissapointed.
Los Angeles
Mar 23, 2015
3 Star Rating
So-so Dryer. Way Overpriced.
When it was time for a second dryer, I was faced with a decision. Get another Solia or try a different brand. I decided to shell out more money and try a Sedu to see what all the fuss is about. I tried to like it which is why I didn't return it after initial disappointing results. I thought I just had to "get used to a new dryer". Well, after owning it for 1.5 years...I still don't get what the fuss is about. And I'm still disappointed with the dryer everytime I use it.

The air flow produced by this Sedu is not as strong as the Solia. It takes me long to dry my long wavy heavy Asian hair with the Sedu. It's not strong enough to lift my hair at the roots. But for some reason it always does a number on my ends leaving me with knots and frizzies. Then when I use a bristle brush to straighten and smooth in sections, the Sedu heats my strands so much hotter than the Solia but without as good of results. My hair also comes out frizzier with the Sedu.

With the Solia, the airflow is strong but not violent. I have great control. I get great volume. I don't get frizzies. It leaves my hair smooth and shiny.

I'm sad that I bought a Sedu. I wished I just bought another Solia.

When my friends ask me about my dryers and, I always recommend the Solia. And when I want to buy some one a dryer as a gift, I always get Solia now. I've learned my lesson.
Mar 17, 2015
3 Star Rating
I had the Sedu 6000i and LOVED it. I have hard to dry hair--there's a lot of it, and it has a mix of textures (some normal, some coarse, some fine). It also is curly/frizzy but isn't uniformly so, so wearing it natural is not an option. It takes a powerful and adequately hot blowdryer to nix the frizz and provide a smooth blowout. I bought the Sedu 6000 based on a stylist's recommendation (had been using a Rusk Speed Freak), and it did not disappoint. It handled my mop of hair like a pro--calmed frizz, not too hot but hot enough, LOTS of airflow and a bit faster than other dryers I'd had. But then, one day, it fell off the counter onto tile, and a couple of the fan blades broke. I called Sedu and found out about their "no questions" warranty replacement, so I set up the return. They told me I'd be getting the 4000i as a replacement since the 6000i was an older model and had been discontinued. They assured me that the 4000 was actually an upgrade--more wattage, lighter and smaller. I was very wary when I heard this news because a) I wanted the exact same dryer, and b) the model number was lower than mine (not necessarily indicative of anything, but often newer models of the same product go UP in number, not down). So I was concerned that I'd be getting a lesser product. They said that the 4000 was a higher priced model. I crossed my fingers. Then I got the replacement. It's total crap. It is NOT a better dryer, despite having 1875 watts as compared to my old one with 1600w. The airflow seems about 3/4 of what my 6000 had. It's barely better than a cheap drugstore Conair. As a result, my hair never gets completely straight/smooth. The dryer is simply not powerful enough. It also does not get very warm as compared to my 6000. It's lukewarm at best. I don't need it to be blazing hot or anything--I know better than to think heat is the be-all/end-all of dryers--but it does need to get warm enough to extract the water from my sponge-like hair! The 6000 did this with NO trouble, but the 4000 struggles to get the water and the kinks out, and takes about 50% more time to do so. The lack of performance may have something to do with the shape of the barrel (it's fat and stubby, with a short barrel, instead of elongated, so the result is that the air disperses and cools off by the time it gets to the hair and isn't as focused as it would be if the barrel were longer (unless you hold it RIGHT on top of the hair section you're drying, which you aren't supposed to do, and I never had to do this with my 6000. I could hold the dryer 6-8 inches from the hair and it smoothed/dried it perfectly. The other issue is that the shorter barrel makes it hard to even get the dryer close enough to the hair when you're working with the opposite side or back unless you have freakishly long arms (you know how you have to wrap your arm over the top of your head to get to the other side). So even if you wanted to put the dryer nozzle right on the section of hair, it's hard to do that anywhere except when working on the same side of your head as you're holding the dryer on. And finally, the frizz. If I get my hair completely dry with this dryer, it's like a pile of straw. Coarse, straw-like, dull and no bounce. If I stop drying while it's still a bit shiny and still has bounce at the ends, it's still a bit damp, so it curls/frizzes up as it dries completely. I am beyond frustrated and just want my 6000 back.
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