Herstyler 3 Piece Clipless Curling Iron Set

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The HerStyler 3 Piece Clipless Curling Iron Set features 3 different sized interchangeable barrels to create a variety of curls according to your styling needs!


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Apr 22, 2012
5 Star Rating
Easiest Way Ro Curl Hair
I have used this curling wand for about 4 months now and i love it! I could never curl my hair well with a normal curling iron. This curling wand gets very hot and I would reccomend wearing a heat resistant glove. The only bad experience that I had was when I burned my shoulder mainly because I was not paying attention to what I was doing. Other than that I love it and always get complimented on my hair when I use it.
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Aug 19, 2011
5 Star Rating
This 3 piece curler is the best 180 dollars ive ever spent in my life! I have naturally curly hair that is so frizzy and whenever i curled my hair with my old curler, the curls would fall out. But with this curling iron my hair is so shiny and i have perfect curls, its everything i hoped for! The only thing that went wrong was when i first opened it and plugged it in it didnt warm up, so i blew in the end that snaps on and it worked fine after that. It takes a little getting used to the clipless part, i burnt myself a lot in the beginning but then you get the hang of it. This curling iron is perfect! :)
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Apr 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
My Magic Wand
I loveee it. My mom got it for me for my birthday and I was absolutely in love, the glove is so convenient while you're getting the hang of it, of course, I lost my glove but I don't even burn myself anymore, but the rare occasion that I do, it hurts like very bad.. But it's worth it because I love the way it does my hair and I can do it a million different ways, it always looks great, and I get complimets all the time. Everyone should have one!
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Cindy H.
Dec 23, 2010
2 Star Rating
We purchased this styler in Dec. 2009 for my 2 teenage girls. It was quite pricey. Within 6 weeks, the smallest barrel had broken & could not be placed into the handle, & so could not be heated or used for styling. The girls weren't too upset (I was!) because they didn't use that barrel much. By October (10 months after purchase), another barrel was broken & couldn't be placed into the handle for heating & styling. We paid almost $100 for this styler, and it is now almost useless. The girls love the results from the one remaining barrel that works, but are frustrated that there a 2 broken barrels. I'm frustrated that $60 worth of a $100 item is unusable & cannot be returned. Good Luck.
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Nicole D.
Dec 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Love This Product!!!!
I have been using this product for few months now and I'm absolutely in love!!!!! This curling Iron changed my total look and I keep on getting compliments from people!! Its easy to use and very efficient!! I highly recommend this to all of you!
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