Helen of Troy Professional Curling Brush

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NW Chicago Suburbs
Mar 27, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Curling Brush!
Been using the 1" and 1.5" for over 18 years and they are fabulous. Heat up quickly and do a great job in minutes. I've only had to replace them twice over the years because I've burnt them out! Twice in 18 years, and I use them every day: not a bad track record!

And the price is incredibly good, esp in light of their being well made.
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Phyllis D.
United States
Feb 25, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Best Curling Iron!!
This is the fourth Helen of Troy Curling Brush (Iron) I have bought. My hair is so straight that it doesn't take curl, so I use this to give my hair the right bend. It is the perfect tool for me. I now have two, one for home and one for when I travel.
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San Diego, CA
Jan 8, 2014
5 Star Rating
Great For Fine Hair
I have short and very fine hair. I use both the 1/2" and the 3/4" depending on the style and length of my hair at a given time. I find the fact that I can grip the hair easier without 'burning' my ears, etc., a huge bonus. With a little product in my hair prior to blowing dry the curling brush will grip well and gives me the curl I desire. I love Helen of Troy curling brushes.
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Washington State
Jan 1, 2014
5 Star Rating
Beautiful Results And Easy To Use
I love my Helen of Troy curling brush. My hair is not long enough for a bigger curling brush and it was nice to find a smaller brush. I use it every day and it works great. I had replaced my old Helen of Troy 1/2 in curling brush that I had for years.
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Dec 7, 2013
1 Star Rating
Lasted One Year
I've never had a curling iron or brush that didn't last till I grew tired of it but this one isn't heating hot anymore. It quite on high so I used low. This was my first Helen of Troy. My last one before Helen was years old. I would not recommend this even though it's cheap.
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Linda D.
United States
Nov 29, 2013
5 Star Rating
I Love This Curling Brush!!
I've bought Helen of Troy curling brushes for many years! They last much longer than other brands. The price is so reasonable. When I buy them, I buy three different sizes for my ever-changing hair styles. They are the best curling brush and they are the best price-wise!
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Eileen D.
Nov 20, 2013
3 Star Rating
It's So So
Works well until the tip falls off and the bristles start falling out. Happens way too often on every one I have ever bought
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Jeannine C.
St Charles
Oct 28, 2013
2 Star Rating
Helen Of Troy 1 1/2 Curling Brush
Curler gets much too hot (burns) on high; use only
low setting. The new model has low in the middle
and not on the bottom. After one use, the high/low
markings disappeared as well as the Helen of
Troy logo. I guess China used a washable/removable
ink for the printing?? The older slender model
was of better quality.
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Oct 25, 2013
5 Star Rating
The Best!
This is the third 11/2 " barrel Helen of Troy curling iron I have purchased in 20 years. I just love this tool, obviously, as I always buy it again. I have absolutely no curl or wave so when I use this I get just the right "bend". It's perfect!
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Susie K.
United States
Aug 24, 2013
4 Star Rating
A Good Curling Brush
It is getting very hard to find a brush curling iron anymore, so when I found one online, I was very happy! The Helen of Troy Curling Brush works very well, and makes it easy to style my hair. The only thing I would change would be the length of the "bristles." They are just a bit too short to get a good grip on my hair so I have to hold the ends of my hair down against the iron for about one turn of the brush. That can get a bit tricky sometimes, trying not to burn my fingers/hand!! Other than that, I am very satisfied with the Helen of Troy Curling Brush and recommend it highly.
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