Enzo Milano Conico 18/9mm Curling Iron

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The Enzo Milano Conico 18/9mm Curling Iron give you a full and natural look that cannot be duplicated with any other brand.


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Cathy G.
Los Angeles
Sep 14, 2010
1 Star Rating
Only 1 Setting Fire! Makes You Feel Sorry For Your Hair As You See It Smoke.
Many of the reviews are probably from people who either receive this product for free to do a "biased" review but the truth is they just want more gifts so they say nice things.

Only Pro: The barrel was coated nicely and hair did not stick to it and was easy to slide off.

Cons: This iron has only 1 setting called set my hair on fire! Not recommended for fine hair you won't be able to curl it all the way around before the top of it is already smoking.

The iron feels like a $3.00 made in china toy there is nothing special about it. "Iron, switch, handle, cord." The end. You pay for branding.

Felt like my hair would fry and die with repeated use.

If this had a dial it would appeal to a greater audience and give the user control of how much heat to apply. Not all hair is created equal.
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New York City, New York, US
Nov 21, 2009
5 Star Rating
Perfectly Imperfect Curls!
This curling really works well. Its can create a variety of looks. I, personally, like the fuller more voluptuous look. And, my hair is really long, so it makes it look almost beachy and wavy. I get so many compliments from people all the time and I always tell them Enzo Milano!
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Jan 3, 2009
5 Star Rating
i love this curler its amazing my hair is kind of long up to where my waist is and its thick and this curler makes my hair bouncy and flawless i love anyone u wants to buy it go for it!!!!!
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