Enzo Milano 31mm Limited Edition Professional Clipless Curling Iron

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The Enzo Milano 31mm Limited Edition Professional Clipless Curling Iron creates loose curls and waves for a natural look.


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Omaha, NE
Mar 12, 2014
3 Star Rating
Needed 1-1/4", This Was One Of Few Options.
This is fine. I would never pay the original price of $160, but it was worth what I paid, which was about $80 after coupon and sale price. I had originally purchased a Hot Tools one at this size for $50, but it was so cheap feeling! My hair stuck to the barrel and I had to sort of pick it off. My other clipless irons are Sedu, which are extremely high quality. But, Sedu doesn't sell a 31mm (1-1/4") clipless iron. This one is better than the Hot Tools one, and my hair doesn't stick to it. But, what sort of clipless iron doesn't have a stand?! And, there is no temperature control either. Considering this was a $160 iron, I would think that those important features would be an integral part of the product. Even the $50 iron had a stand and temperature control.

So, this is fine, and I'll keep it for $80 because it does what I need it to and it is the right size. But, if there was any other option out there in this size, I'd return it and get that one instead. It does a nice job of creating loose (but not too loose) waves in my medium long length hair. My hair is fine (which is why a temperature control would have been nice). Supposedly this one heats to 360 degrees or something like that. It's plenty hot for my fine, processed hair.
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