Cortex Clipless Curling Iron

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The Cortex Clipless Curling Iron utilizes advanced ceramic and tourmaline technology to create beautiful long lasting curls!


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May 9, 2014
4 Star Rating
Best I've Ever Had
My fine, long, straight, virgin hair despises curls, so I'm naturally terrible at using curling irons because nothing ever seems to work. I have FINALLY managed to get a nice, soft curl going with this iron. They will fall throughout the day, but they fall into a very gentle curl-bordering-wave that is just delightful.
I love that this iron isn't tapered- it really is one width the whole way through. The long swivel cord on it is a deal-maker since you never have to fuss with the cord.. ever. It also helps as a bit of a stand for your iron when you need to set it down on a bare surface.. I dropped the heat mat thing they give you on the floor and my dog rolled all over it before I noticed, and hair definitely does not come off of that thing. It came with a glove, but my fine has was impossible to grab onto with it on, so I burn myself constantly. My bad lol.
I really do wish you could change the temperature on it, however. I just know that 450 is not doing my hair any favors. My only other complaint is that the one-off switch doesn't have any sort of light on it, and just has an I and O for on and off.. I always forget which is which.
Aug 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
Creates Beautiful Curls
Bought this a few months ago in the 1 inch and I use it daily. I like that I can create loose waves/curls or tight defined curls depending on what I feel like. Even though the wand is slightly tapered, it does not make my curls look unusual or too tight. The only annoying part is the long winding cord that tangles very easily.
Ginella K.
Temecula, CA
Feb 12, 2013
4 Star Rating
Almost Perfect!
I have just about any styling tool you can imagine. I am quite experienced with using them all as well. I own the Enzo clip less iron already and though I like it, it is not hot enough to hold a curl longer than an hour. I bought this after the reviews and it is almost a perfect iron. Here are my findings: 1. The barrel is tapered. It gets skinnier at the tip and the pictures do not show you this. I was not happily surprised. I'm making it work but would have preferred a one size barrel. I just ordered the biggest size and I just read it is also tapered. Bummed! 2. The cord is difficult to manage. It tangles easily 3. It gets super hogans makes my curls last all day! Love!
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Jan 1, 2013
3 Star Rating
Not Happy With The Size
The iron works really well, and the quality is fine. My problem is that the wand I got (25mm) is tapered. The picture shows that it's a uniform size, which is what I was looking for, since I don't like it when my curls look really tight. Unfortunately, when I received the product, it was thinner at the end than at the base, which makes the bottom of my curls really tight, and since I have medium length curly hair already, it makes me look like Shirley Temple, with no beachy waves, which I prefer. I would return it and try to exchange it for the 38mm, but that one is no longer in stock.
Jennie M.
Fayetteville, AR
Dec 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
I am one of those people that see other people doing awesome things with their hair and wish so badly I could do the same thing but my hair is just too thick and heavy to hold a curl. (A little background on my hair, I've never colored or chemically touched my hair, worse thing I have done is use a straightener. I have ALOTTTTT OF HAIR and its super thick) Back to the curls... I went to my hair stylist and she has the same type of hair I do (LONG and Thick) but she is able to curl her hair the way I want to, so out of the blue she decided she was going to curl my hair. I was excited and nervous because I didn't want her to spend all this time on my hair just for it to fall down. Needless to say it worked, now I'm addicted to my curls.

I went through 2 wands before I got this one, First one was a Conair which was a great wand (Awesome for people with thinner hair) but it just didn't heat up hot enough for the underneath hair to hold the curl. Second one was the T3 (130 dollars) It was great too but because it was tapered my long hair would slide off of the wand (Really got annoying) Then I found this one, read the reviews and there was a great deal going on so I bought it. I couldn't be happier, my underneath hair holds all day and my overall curls last until I wash my hair. (With the other wands I had to use product to get it to hold my hair all day, with this wand I don't have to use anything... I'm a happy girl) Cortex 1inch wand is the most amazing thing ever!!! OH YEAH, I can get my hair curled in half the time as the other ones =)
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Jessica G.
North Carolina
Oct 14, 2012
1 Star Rating
Wrong Item
The quality is great, but yall sent me the wrong item. I asked for a 38mm & yall sent me a 25mm. I am returning it to exchange it, so hopefully everything goes well. If not yall will hear from me again.
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Oct 12, 2012
5 Star Rating
Curls Lasting 12+ Hours... Wow!
Let me begin by explaining that my thin, straight hair never holds a curl for more than an hour. After finally deciding to ditch my old curling iron, which I would try to use as a clipless barrel with little success, I ordered the Cortex Clipless and hoped for the best.

I used it this morning -- somewhat in a rush as I was going to work, so I certainly did not spend more than 10 minutes on my curls -- and WOW! Perfectly formed gorgeous spirals that were neither too tight, nor too lose. And, most impressively of all, my curls held up all day. A good 15 hours later, my curls were still bouncy, full, and lovely. My curls styled via the Cortex Clipless look nicer after an entire day's time than my old curling iron's curls after 30 minutes. They're still looking pretty knock-out even as I type this.

Can't recommend it highly enough!
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Roz M.
United States
Oct 1, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love It!
My first time using one of these and I love it! So much easier to curl my hair. Just need to remember to use the glove!! :)
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Jun 3, 2012
4 Star Rating
Gteat Curling Iron For The Hopeless
I love when my hair is curled but am not capable to do so with an iron that has a clip. It always makes it look like I was assaulted by multiple chickens! So I decided to give this one a try and oh miracle there it was - the perfect curl. First time I used it I was in a hurry and forgot to use hairspray and the curls stayed up all day.
I LOVE this product and am very pleased that I got it.
The only thing I wish it had was a little stand as it keeps slipping off my bathroom counter.
Also the glove that comes with it does protect against the heat but you'll have a hard time holding on to thin hair cause it gets slippery!
Besides that - 5 thumbs up!!!
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Allie M.
New Jersey
May 25, 2012
5 Star Rating
The Perfect Wave!
I love this iron! I got the mid grade size (1" I believe) and am OBSESSED with it. Any time I use it on my hair, I get tons of compliments. The glove makes it simple to not burn yourself (which I have before trying to make my old regular curling iron do this)! It is difficult to use if you are not coordinated with your hair or cannot use a regular iron, but if you are, I def would recommend this! It's such a great alternative to a curling iron and perfect for the summer beach wave look. Can't wait to rock beach waves all summer thanks to this iron!
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