Belson Pro Brush Curling Iron

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Belson Pro Brush Curling Iron features a chrome plated barrel, safety tip, and 2 heat settings.


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Jo Ann T.
Kingwood, Texas
May 30, 2014
1 Star Rating
This Is A Joke
This curling brush has to be the worst one I have ever owned. When you are trying to curl you hair around them the barrel turns and you can't curl you hair around it. I have bought about 6 in the last 7 months and have had to throw them out. They are a big waste of money and not worth the shipping cost. They are the biggest dud I have ever purchased. I'm hoping the Helen of Troy is better.
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Ruthhopp H.
United States
Jul 8, 2013
1 Star Rating
Falling Brushes
I've puirchased this brush for many years and all was well. BUT recently I've purchased some and the brushes keep falling out. I've never had this before but the last 2 i've purchased it is happening. Very dangerous as well. I too threw away the boxes so I could not return it to Sally's where I purchased them. I called Belson and the gentleman I spoke to said he had never heard of that and there was nothing he could do about it.
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Nancy C.
United States
Apr 10, 2013
3 Star Rating
Doesn't Last
This brand of curling irons have lasted more than a day or a few weeks as the past reviews have stated.

I use my iron everyday and they have lasted not quite a year. As the past reviewers have said the teeth portions come out of the iron. The top black cap starts to move and the teeth fall out. :(

There aren't many of these curling irons left because the younger crowd wants the different types that are available. I like this brand but wish they would last longer than a year. One year is really overstating the fact. It's like six months and it starts to fall apart. I just bought another one of these irons today. Only because I can't find any other brands of irons like this type.

The last iron that I just threw away, the cord separated and after heating ithe iron, when I picked it up the SPARKS flew all over the bathroom.... Luckily I had my old one iron in reserve, which the teeth were falling out. :(

Please, I love the iron. Make the top cap secure so it doesn't spin and the teeth fall out!!!!!!!! We would be happy to pay a few dollars more to have a better iron....

Thank You
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Connie L.
Augusta, ME
Feb 18, 2013
1 Star Rating
Fell Apart After Only 2-3 Uses
This was purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply but after using it for only 1 week, the inside metal portion of the barrel came apart within the black plastic handle, which means I wasn't able to apply any force with my wrist as I was styling my hair. Also, every time I used it, the black plastic strips (i.e. the teeth) that slid into the top metal portion of the curling brush kept falling out of the brush and I would find one on my bathroom floor. As Belson did not include a screw within the center of the black plastic tip (like my other curling brush had), there was no way to tighten the tip in a way where the 'teeth' would not line up within the metal grooves of the iron, thus creating the strips to slide out of the metal grooves. About a week after I had it, I returned it to the store for a credit but I've not been able to find another half-inch curling brush anywhere. The only other similar curling brush I can find online in 'half inch size' is made by Helen of Troy but I'm not happy with those reviews as this manufacturer placed the on/off button in the center of the handle and therefore the curling brush turns itself off as customers are holding onto the handle of the brush. As I was unable to find another 1/2" size curling brush anywhere, I bought the 3/4" curling brush made by Conair Instant Heat, and although the construction of this curling brush, the 3/4" sze is simply too big for my short hair. If only more manufacturers would make a curling brush in the 1/2 size, I would be a much happier customer.
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Denise C.
Baltimore, Maryland
Jan 10, 2013
5 Star Rating
Just What We Needed!
It is nearly impossible to find 1/2" curling irons. I do not like the ones without a brush, so when I saw the Belson 1/2" Professional Dual-Heat Brush Iron, I jumped on it! My 87 year old mom lives with us and I wash and curl her hair at least once a week. When I am finished with her hair, she looks like she's been to the beauty parlor; the results are so professional looking! Family members are very impressed and my mom tells me I should have been a beautician! I owe the credit to this curling iron. My sister uses the same size. She knows they are hard to find, so before I ordered, I asked her if she wanted me to get a "spare" for her. She declined. Then she used the Belson one day and she's been bugging me ever since, to get one for her, and a spare!
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Sep 11, 2012
5 Star Rating
Mom Is Happy!
We were looking for a replacement for mom's old curling brush - which is no longer available. Saw this one - ordered it - she loves it. It came very quickly and is exactly what she wanted.
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Carol T.
Aug 7, 2012
1 Star Rating
Not Good At All!
This curling iron never worked. When I received it I opened the box, put the iron in the bathroom for use the next day. Then I threw away the boxs. Big mistake! The next morning I went to use the curling iron and it wouldn't even heat up, must have a broken wire or something. Lesson learned never get rid of the package till you try the product!
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