Andis Elevate Nano-Silver Gold Infused Curling Iron

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
Andis Elevate Nano-Silver Gold Infused Curling Iron has real gold plated barrels with anti-bacterial properties!


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Er P.
La Jolla
Apr 30, 2011
1 Star Rating
Attn: Long, Thick, Malaysian Hair
I'm Korean...I'm 19 years old and have really thick healthy hair. Yes I know, why am I complaining...this hair curler was given to me as a present and when I first got it, I was SO EXCITED. Literally, i actually think i screamed. well anyways, I opened it up and everything. The heat setting here is a mere 400 (not so awesome for my hair type), but I said hey, why not? So I gave it a try and at first, the curls were marvelous! They were bouncy and all, I sprayed my chi hairspray, blah blahh. Walked out of that room to go to class with my beautiful curls and within 3 hours of the day gone by, my hair was straight again. Yeah, please. don't buy it if you have hair like me
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