Kenra Root Lifting Spray

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Boost hair at the roots with Kenra's Root Lifting Spray. Lightweight formulation provides lasting style support and body without stiffness.


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Jan 31, 2011
3 Star Rating
There Are Better Products Out There
This product was just ok....I have tried several volumizers and this one is not my favorite. Redken Guts 10 and Big Sexy Hair Root Pump work way better! I was disappointed because I absolutely LOVE Kenra Platinum Hot Spray and was hoping this product would work and smell as good as that...but it didn't. I noticed that you have to use this product right before you blow dry and not let it sit on your hair for any length of time before blow drying or it won't work at all.
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Oct 26, 2010
4 Star Rating
Root Lifter
The product is great the only thing is the spray nozzle is too small to press down. I wish they should consider this to replace it with a bigger one. You really need to push harder for the spray to work.
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Aug 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
The Cure For Limp, Lifeless Hair
I normally have thick, coarse, curly hair. I recently had the Keratin Smoothing & StraighteningTreatment done because we've had a record rainfall & humidity summer here. The Keratin worked...maybe a little too well. At my next salon appt. I told my stylist about how I was psyched to have straight hair in less time & with less effort but how bummed I was that I had lost all my volume & body at the root. She (along with one of my close friends who has fine, limp hair) suggested Kenra's Root Lifting spray. WOW! I've used it once and not only do I have my old volume back, but I can get va-va-voom volume if I want it. This spray is absolutely wonderful!
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Aug 20, 2008
5 Star Rating
Can't Live Without It
I have very fine, limp hair that can be quite difficult to train out of its normal, semi-wavy state. Since discovering the loveliness that is the modern bob, I had been searching for a way to control my cut without weighing it down, as leaving it product-free looks...terrible.This root boosting spray is a life-saver! I section my hair quickly with my fingers, spray it on, muss it into my roots, and blow dry, using my fingers to lift out sections (much easier than navigating a round brush). The result - my hair has great volume that lasts all day, and my style as a whole holds much better, even without hairspray (which I still use, however). My sidebangs even behave better!
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