Hair Removal

Wax, sugar, shave or zap your way to silky, smooth skin with our full assortment of hair removal products.

Hair Removal Categories

Waxing Kits Waxing Kits Get spa-smooth skin simply with all sorts of at-home waxing kits.
Wax Warmers Wax Warmers Hair wax warmers heat things up to just the right temperature for safe, effective waxing.
Microwaveable Hair Wax Microwaveable Hair Wax Microwaveable wax is ready to use in minutes for speedy hair removal and last minute touch ups.
Roll-on Hair Wax Roll-on Hair Wax Roll on wax is an easy, (and portable!) efficient hair removal solution.
Waxing Strips Waxing Strips Hair waxing strips come in all sizes to easily remove hair from all of your curves and corners.
Wax Pots Wax Pots Find hard, cream, and even organic waxes that fit perfectly in your salon or at-home warmer.
Waxing Accessories Waxing Accessories Epilation strips and applicators for easy hair removal.
Pre and Post Treatments Pre and Post Treatments Find all the best before and after hair removal treatments for a salon-quality finish.
Sugaring Sugaring Sugaring is a sweet alternative hair removal for smooth results. Pour some sugar on me.
Depilatory Depilatory Depilatory hair removers painlessly whisk away hair for smooth, supple skin in minutes.
Bleaching Bleaching Bleaching formulas are safe, gentle, effective for lightening face or body hair.
Epilators Epilators Epilators get to the root of hair removal gently and effectively, for silky skin up to six weeks.
Electrolysis Electrolysis Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method once exclusively available only at salons and spas until recently. These new tools are designed to give you professional electrolysis results in the comfort of your home.
Hair Trimmers Hair Trimmers Hair Trimmers tidy and shape hair anywhere you want a little more order.
Tweezers Tweezers Tweezers pluck and shape brows for eye-opening arches.
Shaving Shaving We have all the tools and accessories for smooth shaving.
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