Hair Color

Folica offers the best products that allow you to get creative with your hair color. From temporary hair dyes to permanent color, we have the products to achieve the exact results you desire.

Hair Color Categories

Permanent Hair Coloring Permanent Hair Coloring Get radiant, long-lasting results with Permanent Hair Color. We have a selection of 'do hues.
Semi-permanent Hair Coloring Semi-permanent Hair Coloring Semi-Permanent Hair Color gives hair a dose of vibrancy without a serious commitment.
Temporary Hair Coloring Temporary Hair Coloring Try on a new shade with Temporary Hair Color or add a burst of color for a day.
Hair Color for Men Hair Color for Men Restore youthful good looks with natural looking Hair Color for Men.
Hair Color Developers Hair Color Developers Hair Color Developers activate color while boosting luster.
Hair Color Bleaches Hair Color Bleaches Hair Color Bleaches lighten, lift and brighten strands to enliven color and highlights.
Hair Color Highlighting Hair Color Highlighting Highlights add sparkle and dimension to any hair color.
Hair Color Correction Hair Color Correction Don't panic! Hair Color Correctors can undo coloring missteps.
Hair Color Accessories Hair Color Accessories Find the best Hair Color Accessories for professional results.

Top Rated Hair Color Products

Jerome Russell's Punky Hair Color Jerome Russell's Punky Hair Color 228 reviews New Price: $8.95
Colora Henna Creme Natural and Organic Colora Henna Creme 53 reviews New Price: $11.99
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