How to Tame Static and Flyaways

1. Hydrate

Use a deep conditioning treatment, such as Theorie Green Tea Hair Mask or Fekkai Essential Shea Riche Moisture Masque, which will sink deep into your hair to hydrate, smooth and strengthen. A leave-in conditioner, like Blow Tress Relief Leave-In Conditioning Treatment will soothe and nourish strands and keep flyaways at bay without weighing down your hair.

Tress Tip: If you have static that just won’t quit, consider buying a humidifier for your bedroom. The increased moisture will help hydrate your locks and smooth the static.


2. Use the Right Tools

Use styling tools designed to prevent static and keep smooth strands down for the count. Blow out master David Dieguez, stylist at Blow NY, recommends using an ionic hair dryerto help maintain moisture in the hair. Make sure not to over dry hair or use the hair dryer too close to stands, this can suck out the moisture and damage your hair. Try an anti-static brush such as the Spornette Ion Fusion Ceramic for greater air flow and quick styling and drying.

Tress Tip: Styling products with silicone will also help keep your hair in its place. Try Liquid Keratin Shine Serum or BioSilk Silk Therapy to smooth hair texture and lock in luster. But don’t become silicone reliant, over time daily use of silicone can hinder hair from absorbing moisture.


3. Set Your Style

Another easy anti-static trick is hair spray. Spray your brush and run it through hair. Only use a little at a time to prevent hair from stiffening. You can also mist aerosol hair spraydirectly onto hair and smooth down unruly static and flyaway with your hands. If scarves or hats are the culprit for static cling, spray them lightly before wearing, too.

Tress Tip: When you don’t have your favorite hair products on hand smooth lotion on your hands until it’s mostly absorbed. Then, run your hands over the top of hair from the roots to ends. Traces of lotion will cling to hair and moisturize strands, deflating and calming static.

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