How To Shop For Organic Hair Products

Hair care may be primarily about style, but that doesn’t mean it has to conflict with your lifestyle. If organic or environmentally-friendly practices are important to you, then shopping for green hair care products can be a great way to complement your values.

Fortunately, there is a whole world of organic and green products out there for you and your hair to explore. These range from all-natural ways to color your hair with an unnaturally cool hue, to simple solutions for shampooing without the need for chemical-heavy products. This article will help you navigate this vast green world and show you some of the best options available for those looking to achieve natural beauty with natural solutions.

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Natural Oils

Natural oils are one of the most sought-after features of organic hair care products. There are a variety of different kinds of oils, but the most popular are argan, tea tree, macadamia, coconut, or almond oils, though there are many other options available as well. Though there are many similarities among the oils, each oil carries its own unique set of benefits. For instance, Moroccan argan oil known for its ability to smooth and repair frizzy hair while tea tree oil is often lauded for its potential to help treat dandruff or dry scalp.

In general, oils are a great natural addition to your styling cabinet which come with an impressive suite of tangible benefits. From endowing your hair with an irresistible aroma to promoting healthy hair growth, natural oils more than deserve their reputation.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners are perhaps the most ubiquitous forms of hair care product, being found in practically any shower stall where water still flows. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are a multitude of organic or natural shampoos to choose from.

Some of these products tout their stuff for being made with only the finest ingredients, whereas others tend to dress up the fact that they’re dressed down and include only the essentials. The main thing to keep an eye out for when purchasing organic shampoos or conditioners is to ensure that they don’t include sulfates, petrochemicals, GMOs, or other harsh ingredients. Just because a product advertises itself as having natural ingredients, this doesn’t mean that all the ingredients are natural. If you’re allergic to these chemicals or have had prior damage as a result of them, it’s especially important to double check the ingredients list.

Hair Coloring

Though hair coloring is often associated with harsh chemicals burning radical colors into otherwise natural hair, this is more myth than reality. In fact, there are many incredibly attractive hair coloring options available to the green-conscious among us, whether you’re trying to bring out your natural color or change the color completely.

One of the more popular options for natural hair coloring are the henna-based line of products. Henna dyes are based off of the plant of the same name which produces a rich and versatile dying solution when harvested. Henna is more popularly known for its use as a temporary skin dye, which is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years and spanning multiple cultures, but it also makes a wonderful hair dye as well.

Though henna is great for achieving more natural hair colors, those wishing to color their hairs with more exotic hues will probably have to resort to alternatives. Regardless of the purpose, ensure that the dye doesn’t contain carcinogens, toxins, or other chemicals, such as ammonia.

Keratin Treatments

For straightening your hair using natural ingredients, nothing beats the power and safety of keratin hair treatments. Keratin is a naturally-occurring protein that is found in your hair, and it’s largely responsible for the structure and strength of the follicle. Keratin products package these natural qualities for you to use as needed, providing unrivaled smoothing, straightening and other benefits. And because keratin is found in nature, there are several brands of organic keratin products on the market.

Keratin can be bought either as a product or applied to your hair in a salon as a treatment. Additionally, keratin can be found in a wide range of hair care product types, including shampoos, conditioners, creams, and more.

Au Naturale

Nothing beats nature, and the same applies to the products you use in your hair. Whether you’re looking for natural oils to promote a healthy scalp, or just healthier ways to achieve a certain look, there are hair care products for you that will allow you to stay gorgeous while also going green.

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