How To Boost Fine Hair

1. Give it Guts

Give your hair more oomph and depth with products like the Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray or other texturizing products. Texturizers work to make the styling process more manageable with voluminous results when applied to near the roots and then blown dry. Thickening serums are another reliable route to fuller-looking hair. And don’t forget about beach sprays which use sea salt to mimic beach hair, enhancing your hair’s natural wave for fuller looking hair.

Tress Tip: After applying products, change your part. By going against your natural part, hair will lift naturally.

2. Blow It Up

Great blow-drying techniques can give your hair a lift, too. Use a root booster such as Blow Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate or volumizer like TRESemme Thickening Mousse to expand your hair horizons. Apply it section by section before drying, starting at crown, for extra height and fullness. To create maximum volume, use a large round brush with vents to allow air flow through, giving hair an all over lift. Learn more volumizing hair drying tricks here.

Tress Tip: After you finish drying your hair, spray hair lightly with an aerosol hair spray, flip your head over and shake your hair out and then blow dry again for one minute.

3. Kick up Your Color

Hair color can create the illusion of depth and help you look on the bright side. Color maven, Sally Knollenberg Noblett, Creative Director of the Joseph Michaels Salon in Chicago says not to underestimate the optical illusion that color can create. Adding lowlights below the crown can take you to a deeper dimension. Keeping highlights away from the part and hair line reduces the need for frequent touch ups and still offers visible depth.

Tress Tip: If you’re not ready to commit to color, try a layered hair cut. The added layers will give your hair some extra texture and volume.

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