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Create Ambiguous Curls Using the Lacer Technique

Mizani lacers create fun free formed curls with great definition and hold.

Create Ambiguous Curls Using the Lacer Technique

Mizani Ambiguous Curl Technique

Step by Step Instructions:

Steps 1-3 are standard for any technique you choose!

Step 1: Cleanse the hair thoroughly twice, Mizani True Textures Curl Balance Shampoo and condition with Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish Mask, leave the conditioner on hair for 10-15 minutes. Towel blot the hair.

Step 2: Apply Mizani True Textures Curl Soft Moisturizing Leave-In Creme and then distribute Mizani True Textures Curl Set Moisturizing High-Hold Jelly throughout the hair - this will help the hair keep the curl once it is set on the Mizani Lacers.

Step 3: Starting at the nape make a 1/2 inch parting using a C-shaped section. Preferably, use the TiFi Krypton Tail Comb to allow easy clean partings.

Choose 1 of the 2 Following techniques to style based on your desired end result. There are many techniques that Mizani Lacers offer depending on the curl formation that is desired. Using the Mizani Lacers you can create a lot of texture on all Curl Types. Remember, the more hair you place on the Lacer, the larger the curl. The less hair you place on the Lacer, the smaller the curl.

Technique 1 - Volumized Spiral Look

Step 4: Place the Lacer at the base of the section.

Step 5: Divide the hair into two sections and begin to wrap each sub-section around each side of the Lacer from roots to end.

Step 6: After the entire section of hair is wrapped around the Lacer, place an end paper at the ends and secure with a bobby pin. This will ensure the hair stays on the Lacer.

Step 7: Repeat this step until all of your hair has been wrapped around the Lacer. This will give a volumized spiral look.

Technique 2 - Zig Zag Curl Pattern

Step 4: Place the Lacer at the base of the section, weave the entire section in and out of the Lacer creating a figure 8 design.

Step 5: Place and end paper at the ends of the hair and secure with a bobby pin. This look will create a Zig-Zag pattern.

Tip: The more space between the hair on the Lacer, the looser the wave.

Final Step: Once the technique of choice has been completed, place hair under a hooded dryer for 1 1/2 hours or until completely dry, take the Lacer out of the hair by first uncoiling them and then unwrapping each section of hair from tip to scalp. Using Mizani Supreme Oil or Mizani Cocount Souffle Light Moisturizing Hairdress, gently finger style to maintain the new curl pattern.

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