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Mousses and Foams

Mousses and Foams

Hair mousses and foams are great for adding volume, flexible texture and shine. Mousse conditions, smoothes and adds body which means there's a formula fit for every hair type. Use it on fine hair to boost thickness, or on coarser or curly hair to prevent frizz and encourage resilient curls.

Most mousses are categorized by their hold and benefits. Here are some top mousse matters to help you pick the best one(s) for your routine:

Mousse Type Benefits Tips Recommendations
Moisturizing Rehydrates hair, Seals cuticles to retain natural moisture, Adds shine Alcohol free mousses are especially gentle on dry or damaged hair. Redken Full Frame Mousse
Volumizing & Thickening Plumps hair and surrounds cuticles for all over volume, Supports roots for crown volume For the fullest results, apply mousse to your roots too (and blow dry with your head upside-down). Jonathan Product Infinite Volume Thickening Foam
Smoothing Calms flyaways and prevents frizz, Coats hair for a polished, full style To ensure softness, towel dry your hair especially well before applying. Barex Gloss Mousse Normal Hold
Color Guard & UV Protection Includes ingredients like antioxidants to preserve and protect your locks Sulfate free mousses won't strip color or moisture from hair. Alterna Life Volumizing Spray Mousse

Tip: Towel-dry your hair well before applying mousse to avoid watering down the benefits or causing any crunchiness.

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