How To: Find The Right Hair Dryer For Your Hair Type



Using a solid, high performance hair dryer is the best thing you can do for your hair. It should be easy to use, relatively light, and extremely hard-working (so you can cut down styling time). A great blow dryer is the key to achieving many of your favorite styles and, when used properly, increases volume and shine while reducing frizz.

Confused on which hair dryer is best for you? Don’t sweat it! We’ve put together this Hair Dryer Buying Guide to give you all the info you need in order to choose the very best dryer for your hair. Here’s the breakdown on hair dryer features for your hair type and needs…

Ceramic & Tourmaline
Ceramic heat generates far infrared heat, gently drying the hair from the inside out, protecting against heat damage.
Tourmaline is a stone often used to boost the production of negative ions, and emit infrared heat making a dryer much gentler on hair.
Helps to create smooth, silky hair and eliminates frizz.
FYI: Infrared heat is a laser-like technology which heats up the hair from the inside out.

Great For
Frizzy hair and flyaways
Hair prone to heat damage
Keratin-treated hair
Naturally curly hair
All hair types

We Recommend

p1 p2





Ionic Technology
Generates negative ions, which smooth hair and lock in moisture.
Decreases drying time.
Pro Tip: Try an ionic dryer with tourmaline. It magnifies the effect of ionic technology for even faster drying and additional shine.

Great For
Dry, damaged hair
Frizzy hair
Coarse, thick hair

We Recommend




Dedicated Ion Generator
Allows you to switch ionic technology on or off, for styling versatility.
Turn Ion Generator ON for sleek and smooth hair with ultimate shine.
Turn Ion Generator OFF for textured and tousled styles with maximum volume.
Utilize both by switching the Ion Generator OFF for volume at the roots and ON for sleek, smooth results on your ends.

Great For
All hair types
Frizzy hair
Coarse, thick hair
Naturally curly hair

We Recommend
p1 p2


Higher wattage means the fan and motor will work harder and faster, drying hair quicker.
A blow dryer with 1875 watts of power will dry your hair quick and beautifully.

Great For
All hair types

We Recommend

p1 p15


AC Motor
An AC motor is found in all our professional hair dryers.
ess noisy, last longer, quieter, and give an extra powerful air flow.
Lasts longer which make them worth the cost.

Great For
All hair types
Daily use
Professional hairstylists

We Recommend

p1 p2


DC Motor
Smaller and lighter motor, but a bit less powerful than AC motor hair dryers.
Less expensive than AC motor dryers, but don’t have as long of a life expectancy.
Great for an extra hair dryer at home, or for travel and compact dryers.

Great For
All hair types

We recommend



Adjustable Temperature
Ability to avoid heat damage. Use lower settings for styling and higher temperature settings for powerful drying.

Great For
Drying one day, re-styling the next day
Getting the most use out of your dryer
Fine Hair

We Recommend
p1 p2



Multiple Speed Settings
Tailored for your hair’s needs. Lower speed settings are safest for fine hair to keep it healthy.

Great For
All hair types

We Recommend
p1 p2



Ergonomic. design so dryer weighs less but still full of power.
Less strain while you dry, making for an easy blowout.

Great For
Committed blowouts
All hair types

We Recommend
p1 p2


Dual Voltage
Take your dryer with you overseas without worrying about converters.

Great For
All hair types

We Recommend

p1 p2


Travel Size
Small, compact, lightweight, yet still powerful.

Great For
If you’re always on the go and can’t rely on hotel dryers or air drying your hair

We Recommend


Interested in checking out all of the hair dryers we offer? Click here for the full list of Folica’s blow dryers.



  1. I used to be recommended this web site by way off my
    cousin. I’m now not positive whether this put up is written viia
    him as no one else recognize such designated about my problem.

    You are amazing! Thank you!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      With so many different style hair tools out there right now, we know it’s tough to make the right pick. We’re glad you found this page helpful and hope that you were able to find the perfect hairdryer!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      I have provided a link that will take you to a wide variety of lightweight dryers with a broad range in pricing.

      We recommend the Elchim Healthy Dryer – this one is not only lightweight, but both quiet and powerful. Another great dryer to try out would be the Twin Turbo 3500. Turbo has a great reputation as a salon quality tool for the everyday consumer – so you are getting a quality product that leaves your hair silly and soft…just like when you leave the salon!

  2. Catherine Fuller says

    Hi, I have fine blond hair that I no longer bleach. Looks much better after going to tint but still too dull and flyaway. Hair is chin length.
    I need a hair dryer that meets the following specifications:

    Ionic on/off switch for no ions underneath and ions on the surface for full, shiny hair
    light weight
    at least 6 heat/air flow settings
    wattage of between 1250 and 1500 due to fine hair, too powerful and it just breaks it
    I have read lots of information on the different features I need but can’t seem to figure out which one is the best for my wimpy hair. Please make a recommendation that links all this together and that is in stock on your website. I love
    your webite and will definitely use over Amazon. Thanks!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      It’s definitely tough to find a low wattage dryer with up to 6 different heat settings. I have listed a few dryers below that may not contain the exact wattage to setting ratio you’re looking for, but are definitely worth trying out for your particular hair type.
      BaByliss Pro TT Tourmaline 5000 Hair Dryer
      GHD AIR Dryer
      Rx7 Superlite Pearl White Ionic Tourmaline Dryer
      BabylissPro Carrera 2 Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer
      We hope this helps you find the perfect hairdryer! Let us know if you have any more questions.

      • Jessie says

        Hi Natalie,

        I have recently gone blonde from very dark naturally wavy hair. if i don’t blow dry my hair its drys slightly frizzy, i currently only braid my hair after it air dries to give it some sort of style while i search for the best hairdryer for my damaged locks.

        My hair is shoulder length and i have fine hair ..just alot of it.
        i have had 2 full head of blonde foil sessions, so you can imagine my desire to find the right hair dryer that won’t cause too much excesses breakage… any suggestion?

  3. Kim says

    I have Thin Fine Wavy Hair that I straighten with a Blow Dryer. I work out every day so I wash daily. Lately I have noticed that my current Conair blow dryer is burning my hair a little and causing breakage. My problem is that most other blow dryers that I have tried are so strong that they blow my hair all over the place and it is impossible to style and also the the lower settings are then too low. Can you recommend a dryer that might help me in this situation? Possibly also lightweight and not too expensive but am willing to spend a little more if it will make a difference.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      A dryer worth trying out might be the Solano Turbo Ultra Lite Hair Dryer. This is a professional dryer that is lightweight and doesn’t have too high of a wattage for your hair type. I think that you’ll be able to see drastic improvements from your previous dryer!

  4. Deidra Mutschler says

    I have short fine hair and have used the Wahl Reflections II dryer for the last 15 years. It is no longer with me, it had very high heat (almost head burning heat) and a softer, not too strong blow. I now have a Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium and I HATE it. It doesn’t get hot enough and it blows my hair so hard even on the low setting I can hardly keep my hair in the round brush, and the cool shot is like I’m standing in a wind tunnel, way too strong, blows out any wave I put in. Please help.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      We love the Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer. It has up to 6 different speed/heat setting and an ion switch – which allows you to operate with or without an ionic generator. With so many different setting options, it’s tough not to get your desired look. This is the a great dryer that can help you to go from Jennifer Aniston during the day to JLo at night!

  5. Kristin Warner says

    I have really thick curly hair ( long) I don’t have the patients for a flat iron ,when using the flat iron it takes me 3 hours to straighten my hair. I’m looking for a blow dryer that I can blow it out straight, without frizz ,while still maintaining a smooth,silky look. Any recommendations, would greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks Kristin

    • Natalie@Folica says

      When you’re in the market for a new hair dryer that reduces frizz and leaves you with a sleek/polished look – it’s helpful to look for dryers with ionic technology. An ionic dryer allows moisture to penetrate deeper so that while your dry your hair, you’re still maintaining the moisture inside. I’ve listed a few of our favorites at different price points below:
      Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer
      Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer
      BaByliss PRO 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer
      Not only will these options eliminate frizz, but they will also help break down water molecules and allow your hair to dry faster. Let us know what you think!

  6. Debra DeHaven says

    I am in search of the perfect hair dryer. I have short, naturally curly hair. About a year and a half ago I stopped coloring and highlighting my hair and went natural, which now means I have salt and pepper/gray hair. I have come to the realization that I need to spend a little more for a quality product that is a step above the hair dryers you get at Walmart/Target. Can you suggest a good dryer that will not break the bank?

    • Jackie says

      Hi Debra – You might want to try the Solia 1875W. It’s a good price point for a professional-grade hair dryer (most are about $200+). We’re running 20% off Solia until midnight tonight, which makes the price even better 😉

      Let us know if you’re looking for something that’s even less expensive and we can provide a few other suggestions for you. Hope this helps!

  7. Lydia Decourcy says

    I have curly and wavy and frizzy hair and I am mixed race. What is the best but cheapest hair dyer to get the most out of my curls and not leave them dry and afro-ie? :)

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Lydia- A great option for you would be the Solia 1875W. It’s a professional dryer with ionic technology that will leave your hair with a sleeker, smoother texture because of it’s ability to reduce static and frizz. If you’re looking for a lower price point, then I would also suggest trying the BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme or the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer – this one is on sale and comes with a diffuser!

      Take a look through and let me know if you have any other questions.

        • Natalie@Folica says

          Hi Sam-
          Unfortunately, we do not have any dryers that shut off automatically as it overheats. Let me know if you have any other specifications and I can guide you in the right direction.

  8. Linda Edmiston says

    I have thin, slightly wavy hair that gets really frizzy & does not hold a style for very long. I’ve just moved from the north east to the south east & the humidity is compounding these problems. Can you recommend a dryer for me?
    My hair is naturally light brown & it is color treated to a blonde.

  9. name is Stacy and I have fine limp hair that is highlighted and can get static. . I need a dryer for volume. What do you recommend? Also what styling products do you recommend. Thank you so much.

  10. shaina says

    my hair r v v frizzy n thick…I bought revlon 1875…but it leaves my hair dry n more frizzy.
    I love it wen I get my hair blow dryed from a salon.
    pls suggest me d exact wattage n brand for my hair.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Shaina- Typically, I like to recommend a dryer with ionic technology for those who are looking to reduce frizz and enhance shine. Ionic technology keeps hair healthy and hydrated by preserving the natural oils in the hair shaft. The Solia 1875 is a professional ionic hair dryer that will leave hair soft and smooth.

  11. Might be practically extremely difficult to see well-educated individuals on this matter, however, you come across as like you fully understand exactly what you’re indicating! Thank You

  12. Barbara says

    I have been in the market for a new dryer and want to make the right choice. I have been using the original bio ionic & know the correct dryer is a good investment. My hair is medium length, not thick or thin, mostly straight and colored. It can be wavy if not blow dried and looks frizzy even after drying it. After being blown in a salon it’s smooth & shiny for days. I do it myself & the sleekness is gone which I now attribute to my dryer. I have no idea what to select and am confused by all the choices. I am not good at styling (I flip my head over and use a nozzle) so I don’t need many options – unless I know how to use them. Just one that will keep my hair looking good. Please help! Thanks in advance!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Barbara – If you’re looking to achieve that post-salon look, you’ll definitely want to check out some of our professional hair dryers. The TwinTurbo 3200 or Sedu 4000i professional hair dryers are optimum choices among hairstylists and both make it super easy to get your desired look.

  13. Heidi says

    Hi! I’m hoping you can help me find a hair dryer. I have fine, shoulder length highlighted blonde hair. I use a very large round brush to create volume on the ends. I have been using the T3 for years because I heard it is good for the hair and would reduce the static electricity that I sometimes get in the Winter. I love that my hair looks healthy and shiny, and that the dryer is healthy for my hair but it doesn’t have a lot of body and the volume I do get doesn’t fully last. I feel like the older model T3 that I had did a better styling job. I am not sure if it is because it doesn’t get too hot? Anyways, if you could recommend a hair dryer, I would really appreciate it!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Heidi- The Elchim 2001 is professional hair dryer that could be a good option for your particular hair type – it is similar to the T3 in that it is lightweight, powerful and works to keep your hair feeling healthy. My personal favorite dryer for styling is the Sedu 4000i. It has an ionic generator switch that gives you the option of a sleek, polished look or a textured, tousled style. Be sure to check our out blog post on ionic hair dryers to learn how to achieve each look!

  14. Cora says

    Hello. I have thick, fine, wavy, curly, frizzy, sticky outy, long hair. I’ve never had a good dryer. I’m moving to Canada so I can’t bring my current dryer because of voltage and really want to invest in a good dryer. I love a salon curly blow dry but can’t do this weekly. I use a defuser sometimes, but it can go very frizzy. I would like to enhance my wave while banishing frizz. I’d love help if you can.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Cora- Based on the information you have provided about your hair type, I would definitely recommend the Solia 1875 Ionic Dryer (I know from experience that this dryer works super well on unruly hair). This is a professional dryer designed to keep your hair smooth and healthy, and the ionic technology allows moisture to permeate deep for maximum hydration.

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  16. Dear Natalie,

    As a musician, I need a very quiet hair dryer. And I need a light weight hair dryer, both for my own
    comfort, and for travel. Also converter for traveling in England. My hair is fine, and it is colored.

    Thank you.

    Mary Ann

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Mary Ann- T3 dryers are known for their weight-balanced design and quiet operation. If you are looking for a travel dryer in particular the T3 Featherweight Journey Dryer is definitely your best bet – world voltage makes for the perfect travel companion. Check out other T3 options here!

  17. Thanks for such a amazing weblog. Where else could anyone get that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I have a presentation that I am presently writhing on, and I have been on the appear out for such wonderful details.

  18. Nancy says

    I have chin-length, layered, fine, very straight hair that I like to style using a round brush. My hair is much thinner on top than it used to be because of my age. I also have carpal tunnel. I want a dryer that is quiet, lightweight, good for styling and hair health, and affordable. Any suggestions?

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Nancy- T3 dryers help retain moisture for healthy results and are known for their weight-balanced design and quiet operation. It is a bit pricy, but looking at your requirements- I think the T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer will be your best option. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  19. Michele says

    I need to buy a blow dryer I want one that has ceramic, ionic, infrared, tourmaline technology. I have long and very frizzy hair and colored . Thank you :-)

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Michele, We’ve got just the hair dryer for you! The Sedu 4000i meets all of your requirements and is definitely one of our favorites! Let us know how it works out for you :)

  20. Priscilla says

    I am looking for a hair dryer. I have straight, fine, blonde hair styled in a short pixie cut. Most dryers take all the volume out of my hair what would be best for me?

  21. Trina says

    Love your blog, but still overwhelmed with the information!
    I’ve never owned a hair dryer and think it’s time to invest…I’m hoping to buy a hair dryer that is suitable for fine, coloured, long hair and I would like to be able to use it to make waves and curls. Also need it to be compact because I pretty much live out of a suitcase so the less room it takes the better, but, I don’t want to lose out to quality and efficiency! Thanks!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Trina – The Sedu 4000i is an awesome investment for a professional dryer and Its compact design will fit right into your suitcase (If you hurry, you can get it for 35% off today only!)

  22. Hi, I just turned 50yrs old and still have great thick med/dark brown hair. I have seen those weird mind of their own greys peeking through, and I do color and or highlight my hair with either a soft golden brown or med/dark brown. Anything lighter or darker just doesn’t work. When my best friend was in beautician school…in the 80’s… she would “use” my hair as her manikin. She always won first prize but imaging the a-symmetrical cut, spiky like, one very way too tight rods on a perm, and so many others so I don’t like to cut it different anymore, I stick with this same shoulder length cut, currently with bangs, they grow out fast! -YES I get teased… – Melody you look the same as you did in high school” but I like it. Just looking for different styles… like the wave and loose curl look. My stylist uses texturizing scissors to thin it out which gives it a much better look otherwise I would have the rosanna-rosanna-danna look. If I let it dry naturally, it’s very wavy but it’s too much and I have to pony tail it, barrettes or anything for a better groomed look. When I use a hair drier! Oh boy! Frizz City! I’ve done the round brush, the straight town with the end piece, the diffuser takes FOREVER! It Never looks the way I want & I usually end up straightening it which I’ve been doing several years. I’ve always wanted the “natural loose (med-large) wavy/curls and have learned a lot from reading your “tips and tricks” but would still appreciate your opinion as what drier and curling iron or maybe the Velcro/auto stick curlers to try. It takes a long time to get my hair to look decent compared to a quick blow dry and fly 10+ years ago. Thanks for your most appreciated help!

  23. Brittney says

    Hello! I’m half Black and half Egyptian, so my hair is thick and curly. It likes to curl into ringlets and is a bit past shoulder length. I’m looking for a blow dryer that is fast, doesn’t create too much frizz, and maintains my volume. Also, it would be great if this one came with a diffuser or fit a universal diffuser. Any price will do, just looking for the best :)

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Brittney- I recommend the Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer! The dedicated Ion Generator switch allows styling versatility options not available in most ionic dryers. Use the huge output of negative ions for smooth sleek styles or turn off the Ion Generator to build maximum volume – this dryer works well with the Sedu Revolution Diffuser.

  24. Cindy Semones says

    Hello. I have chin-length thin, fine hair which I have colored to cover the gray. I use a round brush to style. I am looking to buy a hair dryer to give my hair volume and reduce frizz. I love the website but there is so much information I’m not sure which one would be best. I would appreciate any help!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Cindy- I typically like to recommend the Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer to those looking to reduce frizz and build volume. This dryer has a dedicated Ion Generator switch that allows styling versatility. Try turning the generator off at the roots and back on for a smooth look at the ends!

  25. I am 58 years old and my once-upon-a time thick, long, beautiful hair is now neck length, fine, dry, colored, with strands and ends breaking. I do have a few layers to help provide some life to my thinning, blah hair. I believe buying a new hairdryer might be a good place to begin! I like to style my hair with a round brush to give body and fullness. Sometimes I hold my head down and blow in hopes to get fullness. If possible, I would like to find a lighter-weight blowdryer that provides good health to my hair. If it packs well for travel, that is a plus. After reading about blow dryers, the words ionic, tourmaline, ceramic, infrared heat, nozzle, less wattage and voltage not higher than 1500-1800 seem best. Can you help point me in the right direction? I would welcome any suggestions on what hair blower works best for my hair. THANKS!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Cathy- The T3 Featherweight 2 Dryer meets all of your requirements for the perfect dryer. This is a professional, lightweight dryer with a tourmaline concentrator that helps retain moisture for healthy results. The Wattage is at 1800 and comes with a cool shot button for styling. I think that you will be please with your results.

  26. Donna says

    I am looking for a blow dryer for my daughter to take to college. She has long (to her lower back) colored treated hair (blonde). It is quite thick and takes a while to dry. She wants something that is lightweight and will dry her hair fast. I would rather not spend $200 on a dryer that she may lose at college. Anything that meets these requirements under $100? Or if you have something fantastic in mind, maybe just over $100.

  27. Denise says

    Is the Sedu 4000i the only dryer that has an ion switch? I like that feature, but I’m not ready to invest that much in a dryer.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Denise-

      The Sedu 4000i is the only one on our site with an on/off ionic generator switch. However, I would be happy to recommend ionic dryers at a lower price point if that interests you. Let me know!

  28. I’m looking for the best dryer for a 70 year old with thin, highlighted, fine, naturally curly, frizzy hair. I don’t know which of the many you mentioned would be best for me. Can you suggest 2?

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Jan –

      Both the Conair Infiniti PRO and the Solia 1875W hair dryers are great options for you – they don’t exert TOO much power, so they are perfect for women with fine hair and they both run off of ionic technology to prevent frizz and fly-aways.

      • How do these compare to BaByliss Pro Carrera 2 that was mentioned in your blog?

  29. arty says

    I have long, fine hair, and a lot of it. Most dryers blow my hair all over the place and cause frizz, OR take forever to. dry.
    Please recommend the best dryer for my situation in different price ranges.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      When you’re in the market for a new hair dryer that reduces frizz and leaves you with a sleek/polished look – it’s helpful to look for dryers with ionic technology. An ionic dryer allows moisture to penetrate deeper so that while your dry your hair, you’re still maintaining the moisture inside. I’ve listed a few of our favorites at different price points below:
      Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer
      Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer
      BaByliss PRO 2800 Super Turbo Hair Dryer
      Not only will these options eliminate frizz, but they will also help break down water molecules and allow your hair to dry faster. Let us know what you think!

  30. I have long, wavy, layered, color treated hair. It’s average in thickness (it used to be super thick, but seems to be thinning as I get older). After washing, I use some curl enhancing mousse, flip my head over, scrunch with my fingers and blow dry. I find that I get volume and nice waves this way, but I also get frizz. Do I need an ionic dryer or will that just make my hair limp? What dryer do you recommend?


    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Janet- An ionic dryer allows moisture to penetrate deeper so that while your dry your hair, you’re still maintaining the moisture inside – so it will definitely help reduce the amount of frizz you are seeing and the added moisture helps keep your hair healthy and strong all year long. Below I have recommended some of our favorite ionic dryers.
      Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer
      Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer

  31. Stephanie says

    I have a reverse bob with short hair just to my ears at the back of my head to below the chin in front. I have thin, hair that is frizzy. What dryer should I use to minimize the frizz and damaged. I also want a good curling iron but the dryer is first priority. Thank you!

  32. Richelle says

    I have 3A/B hair and have recently been thinking about switching over to a hooded dryer. The information out there seems to be conflicting, and customer reviews seem to be all over the place. Any recommendations for a hooded hair dryer for personal use? Thanks!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Richelle – Unfortunately, we do not carry hooded hair dryers. Let me know if you need any further recommendations.

  33. I’m looking for a good dryer for my 13 year old daughter. She has shoulder length fairly thick wavy (bordering on curly) hair. Lately she has grown to dislike her curls and wants to straighten it most of the time. Can you recommend a good dryer for her type of hair? Also we live in Houston so frizz is always a problem.


    • Natalie@Folica says

      It’s helpful to look for dryers with ionic technology when looking to reduce frizz. An ionic dryer allows moisture to penetrate deeper so that while your dry your hair, you’re still maintaining the moisture inside. The Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer would be a great option for your daughter (and it’s currently on sale).

  34. I am black I have relaxer and my hair is fine. I have a short hair style. Which dryer would you recommend.
    I would prefer a dryer that reduce damage and frizz.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi D – As I’ve mentioned previously, ionic dryer allows moisture to penetrate deep so that while your dry your hair, you’re still keeping it hydrated. Not only will these options eliminate frizz, but they will also help break down water molecules and allow your hair to dry faster. Try either the Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer or the Sedu Revolution 4000i Hair Dryer for frizz free, healthy locks.

  35. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your page and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  36. Roshni Mehra says

    I have thick dark brown curly hair – it’s not small curls but more wavy/ medium curls, I straighten my hair sometimes, and sometimes just leave it natural and define the curls with serum.

    I was wondering what kind of hair dryer would you recommend for my hair type- I’m worried about the heat damaging my hair, but also want a good hair dryer that would last me a while and make my hair look good!

    Thank you :)

  37. Jennie says

    I have thick curly hair. I am currently using the supersolano original but want to try something new. What would you recommend? I want something lighter than what I am currently using, I love the power/heat of the supersolano but it’s kinda heavy.

  38. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Carry on the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my site :).

  39. Debbie says

    Hi – I’m in the market for a new hair dryer. I have fine, curly hair that is color-treated. Like other curly-haired women, frizz is often a problem, but I’m also looking for something that might help increase volume while decreasing drying time. My current dryer takes a long time to dry my hair, so I end up stopping before it’s fully dry and that makes the frizz worse.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Debbie – You should definitely give the Sedu Revolution Hair Dryer a shot – it has a dedicated ion generator switch for styling versatility (use the huge output of negative ions for smooth sleek styles or turn off to build maximum volume) and the air speed cuts drying time by up to 70%.

      • Debbie says

        Thank you so much! My husband got me your recommended hair dryer for Christmas and I love it!

  40. hi…

    I have been reading reviews and analysing hair dryers for a long time. ..all I am looking is a hair dryer which will give me a shiny straight healthy hair look @home…

    I have wavy thick hair prone to dryness and frizz…I am looking for a hair dryer that will give me a professional look…

    which one do u suggest out of these?

    rusk w8less
    rusk ctc lite
    baby lis pro
    solia 1875
    twin turbo 2800

  41. Jennifer says

    I have fine long hair that I color. My top layer is straight and my underlayer is wavy and frizzy. I’m looking for a blow dryer that will straighten my hair without leaving it frizzy nor having to use an iron.

  42. Lori H says

    Wow! I hope that I actually might find a hair dryer. I wish I had the time to read every post so that I could find which one you recommend, but I really can’t because I am sitting in a parking lot reading about them so that I can purchase, hopefully tonight. I have short, thick, and a lot of hair. I am blonde, but usually need to chemically process my hair (damage it a bit), with highlights for it to do anything! If all this thick hair is too healthy, it just lays heavy and flat. Anyhow, I NEED a hot, and I mean HOT blow drier that will powerfully whip my hair around while I am styling it so that it will not only dry it, but will dry it with a lot of volume. Maybe big hair is not “in”, but nothing drags me down more than heavy, flat hair. I like a lot of lift, so that means I also need a cool shot button to keep that volume up.

    Thanks so much, I look forward to your reply!


  43. Heather says

    Currently looking for a new hair dryer… hair is thin, but coarse, due to being utterly premature white under my color and highlights, and I have a lot of it (not thinning). It is longer…to above my bra, and just lifeless right now. Currently I do the upside down blow dry for volume, blow dry thru to about 90% dry and start working with various sized round brushes for volume through the root and layers, while trying to smooth the shaft…it is a doomed process….not enough volume, not enough shine, and all I use are quality products…I was eyeing the baybliss portofino, but before I put money into a quality hairdryer, I wondered if you had any thoughts, or suggestions?

  44. Hi–
    I need a new hair dryer. I have moderately thick, curly hair (3a curls) and I do not straighten it. So, I need something that will work with a diffuser, dries fast, but doesn’t leave me with a mess of frizz. My budget is around $100. Too tall an order?

  45. I have used the Parlux 3200 dryer for about two years. I began noticing that the high heat setting was hotter than before and was having a lot of hair breakage. My hairdresser says this can happen with hair dryers over time, especially if they are dropped, etc. Is that correct? I typically use the warm heat setting to dry my hair and the high heat setting to style it. I find if I use the warm heat setting to style, the style does not take or smooth out my hair as well. Not wanting more hair breakage, I began using an Andis professional dryer for some time but was missing the type of blowout I received with the Parlux. I then tried the BioIonic Powerlight dryer for a couple of weeks but it caused my hair to frizz, even though it’s supposed to smooth out the hair! So, I began using my Parlux 3200 again, loving the blow out but my hair is breaking again, bad. I am 48 years old. My hair is thin but I have a lot of it. I have gray hair that is colored and also have a decent amount of highlights. My hair frizzes in humidity. I have keratin treatments in the spring and summer to help smooth the frizz and get a quicker drying time. Would you please recommend a dryer that you think would work well for me? Thank you!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Ionic hair dryers make your hair shinier, softer and smoother than traditional blow dryers. By drying the hair follicle from the inside out, ionic hair dryers make hair more manageable and easier to style. Ionic dryers also help preserve natural oils in the hair shaft, helping your hair maintain its strength and flexibility. Try our best-selling Sedu Revolution Professional Dryer

  46. shaiann says

    I have naturally curly, dyed and heat damaged hair can you please recommend a hair dyer for me?
    Thank You.

  47. Amanda says

    I have untamable hair. It’s very frizzy thick and generally a pain. I bought an ionic hairdryer after reading alot of reviews. Doesn’t make any difference to my hair it still drys frizzy.
    I rely on my steam pod to smooth out my hair only thing that works. Only problem I have is serious static all the time.

  48. andrea says

    Hello, great website! I am looking for a new blow dryer for me; I have:
    -a lot of hair + it’s long
    -fine/light coloured hair that I get professionally dyed blonde/highlights
    -naturally curly/wavey
    -suffer from frizz
    -need something that will work FAST
    what would you recommend? My old dryer just broke and I like to blow dry my hair either flat straight or put velcro rollers in it for a volumous look. Thank you!

  49. Urvi says


    I have long wavy hair that is colour treated for years. It is dry, damaged, fine, frizzy and gets tangled very easily. I’m also facing hair loss so I had stopped using a dryer for a while but intend to purchase a new one now for my delicate fragile easily breaking hair! What would you suggest. Thanks! :)

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Urvi – Definitely go for one of our ionic dryers – they help break down water molecules and the result is less frying time, meaning less damage to the hair.

  50. Liz says

    I have very fine, thin hair which tends to try out from heating. I live in Australia so quite a few of the hair dryers you recommended aren’t available.

    Currently I am looking at either the GHD Air Dry or Parlux 3200 dryer. Even with the cheap dryer I use at the moment, my hair doesn’t take long to dry (5 mins max) and I didn’t think dryers made a difference but am now thinking of investing in a better quality dryer. I’m just worried about the dryers being too strong for my hair because they are both very strong.

    I’ve also read the Parlux can be a bit more complicated to work out over the GHD.

    Would you recommend one over the other?

    • Natalie@Folica says

      I would recommend the Parlux 3200 – the combined effects of ceramic and negative ions radiate heat directly inside the hair shaft without drying out hair’s external structure.

  51. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who
    was doing a little homework on this. And he actually bought me dinner because I discovered it
    for him… lol. So allow me to reword this….
    Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to discuss this topic here on your web

  52. Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!|

  53. Nicole says

    Hello’ Can you please suggest the best hair dryer and curling iron (probably a 1 1/4) for curly, thick, color treated, dry and somewhat damaged hair? I was most interested in the Sedu 4000i dryer but it seems it’s no longer carried, and I’d like to upgrade my curling iron as well. Thank you!

  54. dr geeta says

    i have purchased BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline 3000 Dryer. it has three option for temperature warm, cool and hot. i think cool option should give cool air but it it is giving warm air. should i return it?

  55. Neeta says

    I have fine, wavy hair which is very frizzy as well also I have lot of baby hair (fly always) on the front section… I have never used a hair dryer before but intend to use one now… Please suggest me a good hair dryer… Thank u…

  56. Haley says

    Hi, I’m hoping you can recommend a hair dryer. I used a Babyliss ceramic dyer for years and recently tried the tourmaline titanium one – but it was unable to straighten my naturally curly (3c) hair without frizz. Plus, it never seemed hot enough.

  57. Neeta says

    Pls help me choosing a hair dryer… I have a fine, wavy hair which is very frizzy as well … Also I have a lot of baby hair (flyaways) on the front section… I have never used a hair dryer before but intend to use one now… Thank you…

  58. I have very fine short hair that is thinning and the ends seem to be splitting, breaking off. I am looking for a hair dryer that will give me VOLUME and SHIINE. I have read many reviews re: ion technology-saying it can make hair limp?? Looking for a good dryer

  59. Allyson says

    I have medium length, very curly, fine hair. I always blow it out straight and then flat iron to get it smooth. I never wear it curly. Most of the time I put it up in a wet bun. Lately as I get older (almost 45) I have noticed a lot more frizz. I live in FL where it’s high humidity and I’d like to wear my hair down more instead of my usual bun. I feel like I’m using the wrong hair dryer, straightener, and products b/c it takes me forever to dry and straighten, but the results are only so-so… Not worth it. Please recommend a good hair dryer and straightener that can help me with this problem. Thanks!

  60. Kate says

    I am looking for a hairdryer for curly, frizzy, dry, medium length hair. My primary issue is that I want to purchase the Devacurl Devafuser which I have been told will only really fit a hairdryer with a 2″ nozzle at most. I am not as interested in buying the Devacurl hairdryer with it since it is only 1600 watts and when I blow dry my hair straight, I will need something more powerful. Can you help recommend a hairdryer that may work with both my hair type and the size requirements of the diffuser? Thank you!!

  61. curly frizzy hair says

    I need a hair dryer that is light weight- 220 voltage- and good for curly and frizzy hair.

    what do u recommend? also lower cost recommendations are helpful.


  62. Zoe says

    Hi, I am looking for possibly a blow dryer/flat iron combo that works best with my hair. I have blond highlights and shampoo almost daily, which tends to make my fine hair fragile and after blow drying my hair is dry and frizzy. I can “tame” it pretty well afterward with multiple products and a flat iron but I’m wondering if there may be a blow dryer to assist with this process. I’d love to have soft shiny hair before flat ironing if possible.

  63. Danielle says

    Hello, I am 21 and a student. I don’t have time to spend hours taming and straightening my hair so I decided its time to get a high quality blow dryer. I have naturally wavy, extremely thick, course hair and lots of hair. After washing my hair it is so thick it takes aImost an entire day for it just to air dry!!!! I have bayalage highlights so my hair is also color treated. Im looking for a hair dryer that can tame it, help me condense it and make it smooth, as well as cut down my styling and drying time. Thanks :)

  64. marsha ferrara says

    Hi. I have thick wavy frizzy long hair. I color it so it’s a bit dry. I live in Florida so it’s very humid. I would like a lightweight hairdryer. But if there isnt one. I would like to know what’s the best hair dryer for my type of hair.

  65. Hi, I have wavy , VERY dry and damaged hair. Since i love straight hair , i ended up getting permanent straightening done over my hair few years back, which i stopped eventually as it was damaging my hair. And now I end up using a straightener every single time i step out or have to look good. I know my HAIR HAS DIED out completely , has no moisture and in fact it ended up more curly than it was initially. I feel like crying looking at my hair everyday.

    Incase i let my hair dry naturally under a fan, it still looks better ,it sure has the waves but at least does not curl up.
    But when there is no fan and i do not use a dryer as well, it completely curls up in circles, and doesn’t look good and because of which i end up using the straightner.

    Could you PLEASE suggest a good affordable hair dryer , which will help me getting a straighter look , reducing the frizz , without damaging my hair, so that i stop using my straightener on daily basis. And is it advisable to use dryer daily?

    • Hi! We recommend the Sedu hair dryer or Solia hair dryer, especially for thick, coarse hair. Please email me at and I’ll be able to better help you pick out the best hair dryer for your needs:)


  66. Farrah says

    Hi, I love your post! I have shoulder length, wavy and color treated hair. My hair is relatively fine, but I have a lot of it. I would like something powerful enough to straighten it with a flat brush, but that doesn’t dry it out or scorch it. I’m thinking ionic/ceramic with a high wattage. Can you offer any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :)

    • Hi! I’m not sure I understand your question, but want to help the best I can! Please email me at with your question and I’ll be able to help with your hair question:)


  67. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?

    My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!

  68. Yadira says

    HI! I am looking for a good and decently priced blow dryer that will not damage my hair. I have shoulder length fine brown hair and I tend to use the blower almost every day if not every other day. I also get a lot of frizz and lately I’ve noticed that my hair is very dead, has no volume whatsoever, and the ends look dry.
    Thanks a million!

    • Hi! You absolutely need the Sedu Revolution Hair Dryer. When using a dryer almost every day, the quality matters, big time!

      The Sedu dryer is perfect for you because you can turn the ions on and off. You’ll use it with ions ON for smoothing out frizz when drying throughout your hair, and will turn ions OFF when blow drying your roots, to give you volume.

      And, you need to be using something with heat protection on your wet strands that won’t weigh your hair down, but will bring it back to health and happiness, and work beautifully with your dryer:)

      Do you use anything for heat protection now? So I can answer you quickly, you can send your response to me directly at

      PS: The Sedu dryers always have great promo codes and deals, so the price might be right for you, especially during Black Friday/Cyber Monday;)

  69. Lindsey says

    I have extremely fine oily hair (and from what i read I couldn’t see anyone else with the oily hair issue) and I was wondering if there is a blow dryer that may help with this issue. I have been using a Conair Ionic Cordkeep blowdryer for about 5-7 years now and I am wondering if I should be using one that is not ionic to try to help combat the oil. Any suggestions? (I already use a shampoo that minimizes it but doesn’t get rid of if 100%)

    • Hi Lindsey! I suggest looking through this guide and perhaps choosing a blow dryer that you can turn the ions ON and OFF, like the Sedu Revolution Pro Dryer! Ion Generators help give you options, so you can turn ions off when blow drying roots, and then switch ions on for frizz free ends:) Sedu Dryer link here:

  70. Deidra Mutschler says


    I have short straight fine hair that I dry using a round brush after I put product in it. I am looking for a dryer that has no ionic or tourmaline technology. I want it to blow very hot but not blow hard and preferably have a cool shot button. I have used a Wahl Reflections II, Sterling 2800 model for the last 15 years. I love how it blows really hot, but not like a wind tunnel, I prefer my hair dries slower on the round brush, not in 2 seconds so I am able to work with it as I’m drying it.

  71. rebecca says

    Hi, I need a little help! I have done a lot of research and am just stuck on which one to choice. I have fine, thin, curly hair. It’s shoulder length, not colored and I really dont do much to it. I usually let it air dry, but it just looks flat. I really want to add some volume to it and make my curls come out more. My hair gets a little frizzy and I definetly want to use a great diffuser if you know any. Thanks so much if you can recommend any good blow dryers.

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