How To: Choose The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair Type



Shopping for a new flat iron can be a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to help you find the right tool for you hair type and needs.

Flat-Irons are very versatile and very convenient. They’re small, can heat up in 30 seconds, and can straighten or curl even the most coarse, unruly manes out there. Like most tools, the key to purchasing the right flat iron is a solid understanding of what your hair needs. It’s sort of a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget that someone with mostly straight, fine hair needs something different than someone with super curly, coarse hair. With the wrong hair tool, you could end up causing major damage to your strands.

Breakdown of Terms

Plate Sizes
Most flat-irons come with 1 inch plates, which are super versatile, but again, you have to think about your hair and your styling needs. In general, smaller plates are better if you’re planning to use the iron to curl your hair or if you have super short hair. Larger plates are awesome for those with long, thick hair because it will save you styling time and prevent you from running over the same spots twice and causing twice the damage.

Temperature Settings
Many people think that really high heat is better when it comes to flat-irons, but that’s not necessarily true. If you expose certain types of hair to certain temperatures, it causes major damage and breakage and can even ruin your color. Choose an iron that has temperature settings so you can start with the low settings and work your way up until you find what works for you. Thicker hair needs higher heat settings because it will allow you to pass through each section only once, causing less damage. With finer hair, a lower heat setting should do the trick on first pass through hair.

Plate Material
All these hair tool terms may seem like fancy, made-up, useless buzzwords, but that’s not the case!  In fact, the differences can really help you decide on the right tool for you.

Ceramic is very popular for both for salon quality and at-home irons because it heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. Be aware though, some irons are only ceramic coated, not full ceramic plates and while that may work for you at first, after awhile the ceramic coating with wear off.

Tourmaline is a newer material use in heat styling tools. It’s great because since it’s an organic crystalline mineral, it produces wavy more negative ions than ceramic.  Negative ions are a good thing because they balance out the positive ions of dry hair, so your hair can lay flat and frizz free. Science rules.

Titanium plated irons have the fastest heat transfer of the three categories meaning more immediate results, regardless of your hair type. In general, titanium makes for a heavy-duty iron, which is extra great for anyone with thick, curly hair.

The Best Flat Irons By Hair Type

Thick, Coarse, Curly Hair

Plate Size
Above shoulder length hair: 1” – 1 ½”
Shoulder length and longer hair: 1” – 2”

380° – 420°

Plate Material

Top Picks

p6 p7

p9 p8

Medium (between thick and thin), Wavy Hair

Plate Size
Above shoulder length hair: 1” – 1 ¼”
Shoulder length and longer hair: 1 ¼” to 2”

360° – 380°

Plate Material

Top Picks

p2 p1

Thin, Fine Hair

Plate Size

Below 360°

Plate Material

Top Picks


p3 p4

Pro Tips for Flat Irons

  • Professional flat irons like the Sedu Revolution Professional Styling Irons feature the most sophisticated technologies and provide the best styling. They maintain higher, more consistent temperatures, usually offer temperature controls, have higher-quality plates and deliver salon-like results (that’s why they’re used in salons!)
  • Investing in a high quality iron makes the most sense for all hair types and styling needs because it’s your best bet against damage. Also, most high-end irons come with long warranties, which can save you from shelling out more money in the long run, so that’s something to consider when buying high-end.
  • Don’t forget protection! All hair types need to use heat protectant products to avoid damage and keep hair healthy. Folica has so many amazing, versatile, heat protection options to pick from. Shop our Heat Protection hair care products and flat iron with ease.

How To: Styling with your Flat Iron

Flat irons are great for creating hair that’s smooth and straight, but they’re also versatile styling tools that you can use to create waves, faux blowouts, volume and curls. Consider your styling goals when you choose your iron and try out a few tips from our blog posts:


Article Name
How To: Choose The Right Flat Iron For Your Hair Type
A step-by-step guide on choosing the right flat iron for your hair type and price range


  1. Rosh says

    I have thin and damaged hair. I just want to know what the best straightener would be for that – the one that would cause the LEAST amount of damage.

  2. Kristin says

    I have thick and long African American unprocessed (non-relaxed) hair. Which flat iron would you recommend I use?

  3. Christina says

    What heat protectant frizz control products are best for limp, fine, oily, super easily weighed down hair-no matter how much/little or type is used (liquid, cream, spray, mousse, foam) not concentrated on roots, etc.?

  4. Nazia says

    Hey, I want to know what is the best flat iron for thin, damaged, wavy to curly hair. My hair falls out a lot and I don’t really like putting heat on my hair but there are days when I do feel like straightening my hair, so I want to invest in a good flat iron that won’t damage my hair that much.

  5. Danielle says

    I’m actually looking for a flat iron for getting ready for school quickly in the mornings that leaves a shine and less frizz also getting it as straight as possible. I’m considering the Farouk CHI G2, but i’m really uncertain whether it will straighten massively thick/ coarse curly hair? I’ve tried so many straighteners, but to no avail they ALWAYS leave my hair broken and super frizzy. I’ve also tried so many anti-frizz products, its ridiculous. If someone could help me I would be so grateful because at this point I’m so hopeless with this.

  6. Barb says

    I too have thin, dry hair. I was looking for a new straightener and was given a great gift of a Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium in 1inch!!! Is it safe to use for thin hair if used in the very lower temperature settings? What temperature would be recommended and what heat protectant? Just want to be sure I can actually use such a great tool on my hair or if I should try to exchange

  7. Shannon says

    Hello, I have curly frizzy hair and am looking for a new straightener. I was so set on a GHD straightener but after reading some reveiws in the sephora site… I was a little discouraged. Like I said my hair is curly, somewhat frizzy and of medium thickness. What straigtener do you recommend to leave my hair feeling silky, shiny, and most of all straight.

  8. Jennifer says

    As Shannon posted a while back, I also have curly, frizzy hair. It is medium length and medium thickness as well. But I need something with an automatic shut off. Does the Sedu Revolution or the Croc 1 Titanium Flat Iron or the Croc 2 Infrared Flat Iron have an auto shut off? Which one is better for my hair type? Thanks!

  9. Im not sure about what kind of straightener to get. I have kind of thick hair but its slick(it barely holds curls) but it also can be frizzy.

  10. Cheryl says

    I have a similar question as Jennifer above. Have you reviewed the Croc 2 that is titanium, ceramic and tourmaline – with infrared? Which is better – the Croc 2 or the Sedu Revolution?

    Thank you.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Cherly – This depends on your hair type and what you are looking to achieve. Let me know and I can give you more details.

      • I have a similar question as well. My Sedu just died so I am HIGHLY considering the infrared Croc my hair is med/full thickness, colored and prone to frizz in 5 minutes at the slightest amount of humidity

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  12. Allison says

    Hi! I have extremely thick, wavy, and frizzy hair. I had a Chi, but it recently broke so I’m searching for a new flat iron. I would like one with heat settings that can also tame my frizz. Any recommendations??

  13. I have thick, coarse, color treated and dry hair. I need a nice flat iron to make my hair not frizz, add shine, straighten nicely and not spend a whole lot of time on!

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Sheri – Our Solia SuperHot Flat Iron is awesome for think/curly hair. It’s negative ion technology and natural far-infrared properties reduce static and frizz, without damaging your strands and the titanium plate add shine and get the job done in half the time!

  14. Alisha says

    Hello I have damaged frizzy hair I’ve been trying to grow it out but have had no luck because my flat iron damages it so much I have to cut it once a month :( what flat iron would you recomend and what heat protection/anti frizz product should I use

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Alisha – Definitely give the new Sedu Revolution 1″ Styling Iron a try.The high-performance ceramic plates are infused with black tourmaline gemstones to evenly distribute and transfer heat, allowing for a smooth glide application through the hair to alleviate breakage.

  15. Kassie says

    Hi, I recently tried a chi ceramic flat iron. I was relatively pressed wirh the results. I have very fine, wavy/curly hair that tends to frizz at the slightest hint of moisture in the air. A friend suggested a babyliss with titanium plates, but I also don’t want to damage my hair. Any suggestions? I’m also thinking about a Rusk.

    And which babyliss or chi models might be best?


  16. Rachel says

    I have super thick and coarse hair. I searched google for the best straightener for my hair type. Even though yours was the first result, I checked all the other articles on the first page before yours. What a waste of time. This information in your article is exactly what I was looking for in a quick and easy to read format. Thank you so much for this!

  17. Hello !! I have fine, unmanageable frizzy hair. Please suggest me a flat iron which can be used to straighten and curl hair. Also, recommend on the heat protectant. Once I have smoothened my hair but havent used flat iron.

    Thanks :)

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Laks – I’m happy to hear that you are also requesting advice on a heat protectant along with your flat iron! This is very important in maintaining healthy, smooth hair. The Solia Superhot Flat Iron was built to tame multitextured/curly – this would work well on your hair type. Be sure to use the Theorie Heat Shield Thermal Spray before applying any heat!

  18. Kirsten says

    Hello! I need some help! My mom bought me a Chi Deep Brilliance Flat Iron for Christmas. On the package it says for “textured hair”. I have medium length, layered, thick hair and I was wondering if it would be okay to use. I’ve read some horror stories about people burning their hair from not using the proper flat iron. Thank you so much.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Kirsten – I believe that flat iron has an adjustable temperature setting, this should be fine to use on your hair as long as your not on the maximum temperatures.

  19. Hi, I have a hard time picking the right flat iron. My hair is super curly kinky ,Dry treated, frizzy hair. My current herstyler flat iron burns my tips a lot that I have to cut my hair often. I would really appreciate your advice.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Hi Martiza – The Solia Superhot Flat Iron delivers just the right amount of heat for your hair type. Adjustable from 270°F to 450°F, it will leave you with smooth and silky results, whether you have delicate locks or coarse hair that’s tough to tame.

  20. mariana says

    I have natural curly hair(some may say kind kinky), its also dry and thin.I just want to know whats the straightetner for me?

  21. Hi

    Its time for me to replace my nearly 6 year old straighteners as they don’t leave a smooth sleek finish anymore and they pull at my hair.

    I have thick long frizzy/curly hair – I’m part Samoan and inherited the hair not the lovely tanned skin :(. I wouldn’t say its course, maybe a little??

    I get keratin smoothing treatment every 4-6 months to save my sanity – especially in summer when its humid or in winter when it rains – so yea, most of the year!!

    Which straightener would suit my hair? My current straightener doesn’t have the ability to change the temperature which doesn’t worry me as I’m not sure what i would need to set it on if it did!!


  22. Sarah says

    Hi, I’ve been looking into flat irons recently since my old one was rubbish. From my research I’ve noticed that the GHDs and Remington are extremely popular. I can’t seem to decide which brand and model to go for. I plan on sharing the straightener with my sisters and we all have fine and straight/wavy hair. I’m really interested in the GHDs. I would love to know wether they could be the best iron for our hair type with the least damage? and if not any suggestions? Thanks xx

  23. Lori turnbull says

    I have corse and really cury and frizzy hair and it’s thick. What streghtner would be the best for me to get my hair straight and shiny and frizzy free.

  24. Jenna says

    I have thin, wavy, yet frizzy hair that gets poofy when i straighten it, what flatiron would work best for me?

  25. Rachelle says

    Thanks for the article! I have thick, flat, layered hair that is a little longer than shoulder length. It doesn’t curl easily…but it is healthy. I’m looking for a straightener that would also create beach waves. I’d really appreciate your advice! Thank you so much!

  26. Imari says

    I have really curly African american hair but when I try using titanium flat irons I can never get it to clamp down on my hair to straighten it.

  27. Barbara says

    I have very coarse, kinky natural hair. It would probably be in the 4c category. I need a flat iron to straighten my hair without damage. What do you suggest?

  28. LeAnne says

    I have layered, colored, kind of thin naturally curly hair and have tried a ton of different straighteners on my hair and so far no luck with a great one that won’t damage my hair. I use a hair protectant before I flat iron to help with less breakage.

    • Natalie@Folica says

      Try the Sedu Revolution 1″ Styling Iron – The high-performance ceramic plates are infused with black tourmaline gemstones to evenly distribute and transfer heat, allowing for a smooth glide application through the hair to alleviate breakage.

      I am glad to hear that you apply a heat protectant beforehand, this is very important. If your hair is already damaged, make sure you are using a mask such as dpHUE’s Renew Hair Masque Therapy at least once a week to replenish and restore damaged hair.

  29. Meredith says

    I have thin, fine hair that is really hard to work volume into–but it isn’t naturally straight. I used to own Sedu Revolution Diamond Styling Iron , but I see that isn’t made anymore. Any other suggestions?

  30. I am looking for a flat iron for my thin coarse hair. I have been trying to grow it out and purchased a babylis pro 1″ thinking that it would help with the breakage.. It didn’t! So, I would be glad to get some feed back on what kind of flat iron could help me keep moisture in my hair and still get rid of the frizz (and of coarse straighten my hair). Is there a one available that can do these things?

  31. Jackie says

    Hi there. I’ve had the solia for the past 5 or 6 years. Yesterday morning I made the mistake of leaving it on. I woke up this morning and realized it was still on. The edges of the iron turned a smokey gray color. I’m not sure why it didn’t auto shut off. But now I’m looking for a new iron. I have relaxed af american hair. Whenever I do straighten my hair, it ends up frizzy and poofy. Any ideas on how to achieve a smooth and silky look?

  32. shaiann says

    i have curly heat damaged and dyed hair that frizzes in humidity or heat can you please recommend a flat iron to me?

  33. rosie says

    I have medium lengthen, thick, frizzy hair.. Every time I straighten it, it still looks thick and some pieces of hair are sticking up. Which straightener would be best for my type of hair?

  34. Christina says

    I have thin but curly hair so which flat iron is best for that situation?

    • Natalie@Folica says

      I think it would be best to stick with a ceramic iron – The Sedu Revolution 1″ Styling Iron evenly distributes and transfers heat, allowing for a smooth glide application through the hair to alleviate breakage. This will keep your thin hair from damaging quickly and those curls to straighten.

  35. Carmel says

    Are there any flatirons that work on wet/damp hair that you’d recommend? I have thick, frizzy, curly, dry coarse hair. Thanks!

  36. Shelly Maxwell says

    Hi there . . My daughter is having trouble with her hair when she flat irons it she has fly aways that won’t stay down and also her hair will become very oily after a day . . . please help I don’t know what flat iron is best for her . . . she is using a Chi right now which doesn’t seem to help her hair

  37. Morgan says

    I have thick curly hair that is a mixture of African American and Caucasian hair what would be the best Straightener for my hair?

  38. Ilene says

    Hi !!!
    I’ve been searching for an iron for the past months; and so many of them have me wondering which is the right one for me :(
    I have really long thick wavy hair; and thanks to my (now) blonde locks, extremely dry frizzy hair. HELP !!

  39. Jamie says

    I have thick hair, very long (it touches the top up my bum), is slightly wavey and frizzy. What would be the best straightener for me to use?

  40. Shauna says

    I am looking at purchasing the BABYLISS PRO TT TOURMALINE 500 – I have thick, coarse hair that has wave/curl to it but not that nice wave. Have you reviewed this particular model and would it be comparable to your previous recommendation to others of the Solia brand?

  41. Danielle says

    My hair fine-to-medium (diameter smaller than a strand of sewing thread, waves nicely, frizzes in humidity, and isn’t color-treated or damaged….but it is SO THICK! Suggestions on something that will help contain all of this volume?

  42. marquis says

    I have a ceramic plate flat iron which straightens the strands of hair really good but not at the roots which are dry curly hard to comb. What’s a good size flat iron to get into the roots and hard to reach places? I use a one inch flat iron and I have African American hair thick coarse and curly. I just don’t want to waste money on hair tools that’s not gonna work on my hair I just want it to work the first time.

  43. I am African American with relaxed hair and semi permanent color…what do you suggest.

  44. Natalie says

    Hi I have thick frizzy wavy/curly hair and I can’t seem to find the right flat iron for my hair. I have tried the HSI PROFESSIONAL ceramic tourmaline flat iron and it still leaves my hair more frizzy than it is within an hour.

  45. Hey, I wanna know what will be the best for my hair.My hair is like the master of all its curly,frizzy, dry,damaged and wavy as well.I am so confused what to pick.

  46. Megan says

    I have thick, curly long hair, and i have used a chi. I am not happy with the chi because i feel it pulls my hair and takes too many swipes to straighten each strand…do you recommend a straightener that would straighten and add shine in a shorter period of time?

  47. Kasandra Saucier says

    I have a bayliss nano titanium that I use to flat iron my hair. I use silk serum on my hair but why does it always look like this when I style with the flat iron? Am I using the right one or what do I need to do? I have super thick 4c hair before it’s flat ironed,but after it turns into this super fine mess that never holds a curl.

  48. Glenda Nazario says

    I”m hispanic, I have very thick wavy hair, I have a lot of hair. It’s overall strong and healthy but my ends use to split very easy. I have to straighten it, I can’t li]eave it naturally because it’s look very ugly, It’s curly in the roots and then it’s wavy and the ends are straight, it’s a mess. What would be the best straightener for my hair?

  49. Tay says

    Hi! I have thin, dry, curly( on roots) hair. Thinking what’s best flat iron for me? I’m looking for safe and less damage flat iron. I’m planning to use it everday is that possible? And what are the best product to protect my hair from the heat? Please help me. Thanks!

  50. Tam says

    Hi there! I read your recommendations above but am wondering if my shoulder length, dry, partially gray (I’m no longer coloring) hair would still go along with the typical irons for thick, curly hair. Or do I need to be more careful, somehow? I’ve never used a flat iron before. Thanks!

  51. Sidney says

    I have thin, straight hair that is color treated and can be a pain to style. I was going to try the chi air classic, but I’m not sure if that’s the right flat iron for my hair?

  52. Angela says

    My hair is very curly African American hair but it is fine and easy to damage and can get overly dry quickly. What would be the best option? Most articles I read assume my hair is corse or thick because it’s tightly curled. Not the case.

  53. Susanne says

    I have thick, dry, wavy/curly hair. I straighten it often. But it usually gets frizzy and all when I go outside. What flat iron & product would be best to help keep it healthy and straight with using it very often?

  54. Loren says

    I have thick and really frizzed hair with color tips that falls out a lot , also I have sections of really wavy hair at the crown of my head and I want to straighten it but I want to avoid damaging my hair as much as possible. What flat iron would be the best choice ?

  55. Sara says

    I have fine, limp, dry hair. I can flat iron my hair on a how heat, or high heat….no what what I do my hair last for 10 minutes and go back to its natural waves. My hair had slight waves…..please help!

  56. rida says

    I hav gone through rebonding before 1 and half year ago but my hair are attaining their pre rebonding state. They have become frizzy once again and damaged badly. Please suggest me a heat protectant, a straightening product in any form or astraoghtener…

  57. Haley says

    I have thin, wavy, damaged, oily hair that seems to get even more greasy as I straighten it. Is there a straightener that won’t damage my hair and can prevent it from getting more greasy?

  58. Liv says

    What is the best straightener for medium length wavy + frizzy hair ? Everytime i use the one I currently have it gets super frizzy and the front pieces of my hair become wavy once again 😕 plz help need before school starts 😂

  59. Kimberly says

    I have very fine, straight hair and am looking for a very good quality flat iron. Any advice?

  60. I have medium length thick, dry, wavy/curly hair. I straighten it often and I have a lot of breakage. And it usually gets frizzy and all when I go outside. What flat iron & product would be best to help keep it healthy and straight with using it pretty much daily?

    • Hi! I’d love to help you find the best flat iron for your hair! Please email me at to help hone in on your exact needs, budget, and what products you’re using currently. Cheers!

  61. karen butler says

    What about the new irons that are made to straighten hair but look like a hair brush

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