How To Pick The Perfect Comb

Combs are handy tools of the trade and they’re essential for all sorts of styling (perfected parts, better crown boosts and more). But, from wide-tooth to fine, combing through all the different types and purposes can be a challenge. Allow us to untangle things for you.

The Right Comb for Your Styling Needs

Style Comb
Detangling and Smoothing Curls Cricket Ultra Smooth argan & Olive Oil Detangler Comb
All-Purpose Styling & Product Distribution Cricket Stylist Carbon Comb 4 pack
Sleek Straightening while Flat Ironing Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Oil & Keratin Pick Comb
Cricket Carbon Combs Straightening Comb
Lifting, Backcombing, Adding Height & Volume Cricket Friction Free Lift and Teasing Comb

5 Comb Pointers

  1. Parting: When you want to wear something other than your natural part, a tail comb is the way to go. Place the pointy end on your hairline where you want the part to be (in the middle to either side, etc.) and gently slide the comb to the back of your head, separating your hair with your fingers as you go. Try a straight line or zigzag back and forth for a more playful part.
  2. Teasing: To add volume at your crown, make a bun look bigger, poof up a pompadour or just generally increase oomph, try teasing, Select the spot you want to play up and apply a styling spray. Then hold the section of hair by the ends and with a teasing comb, begin at the ends and comb you hair towards the roots. (The opposite direction in which you’d typically comb.) NOTE: Be gentle! Make sure to remove the comb from the tease after each pass to avoid tangling or breaking your hair. Done correctly, teasing doesn’t cause damage. When you’ve teased the whole section, release it back into place and comb gently across top layer for smoothness or it leave wild for a less kept look.
  3. Detangling: Knotty? A wide-tooth comb is your bff. They’re great for thick coarse hair, curls, and use in the shower. To work out a tangle, hold your hair a few inches above the knot and comb from the very bottom first. As the ends untangle, work your way up until you’re free and clear.
  4. Product Distribution: While you can apply products with your hands, combs allow you to distribute them evenly, especially when your hair is damp or wet. Combing oils, serums, sprays, mousses or more through your hair ensure that every strand is lightly coated. It’s a sure-fire way to get the full benefits of your products.
  5. Straightening: Using a comb while flat ironing your hair decreases your straightening time and ensures no kinks. (It’s also great for styling sections that get too hot to touch with your hands.) Apply a heat protectant and then run the comb through each section of hair immediately in front of your flat iron. Hello, straight sister!

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